Is Spain the new Greece?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scalieback, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Spanish workers hold general strike over labour reforms
    BBC News - Spanish workers hold general strike over labour reforms
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  2. Not as bad as Greece - but will suffer more, I'd say as Greeece has used up pretty much all of Germany's Good Will. Spain's inability to employ anyone formally for more than 10 months at a time, coupled with it's propensity for stashing cash under the mattress won't be doing it any favours. Until recently, more than a third of all the €500 notes ever printed were in Spain...
  3. No, Spain has a much better football team.
  4. unlike england, greece has won the EC. :(
  5. N/A I'm Scottish.
  6. I'd be more concerned about Portugal.
  7. I can safely say one things about recent online sales to buyers in Spain and that is that Buyers like to report things as "Item Not Arrived. Which leads me to believe this:

    1. Every Postie in Spain is a thieving bastard!
    2. Every buyer in Spain is a thieving bastard!

    It's got so bad and repetitive that I have added Spain to my list of blocked countries, the USA being the other!
  8. An ex-forces friend of mine with a reasonably successful business in Spain spent today in an unlit and locked office in fear of groups of militant troublemakers. Doesn't look too good at the moment and not sure where it's going.
  9. Whilst the headline cities of Madrid and Barcelona etc seemed to have a lot of disruption and picket lines, here in the South there was virtually no difference whatsoever. The only things closed were the schools, transport and government offices. Banks, doctors and all shops were business as normal and the hospital seemed business as normal despite the rumours that only the emergency department would be open. There'll be more disruption over the next couple of weeks with Easter coming up than there was today. The strike was called for the reason that the Spanish government is going to make it easier to sack people. Currently, once you have a contract, you have a job for life. With 28% unemployment (and over 50% amongst the 18 to 25 year olds) those in secure jobs are afraid of joining the ever increasing dole queue.
    Mind you, you'd never notice if they did go on strike around here. There are so many local and national saints days that one in favour of Santa Unions wouldn't add a great deal to the disruption.
  10. It looks like those stinking Jobsworths, those Kommie Kommizzar in Brussels and elsewhere will be demanding that Mr Gideon provides another One Billion Pounds Sterling of Tax Payers cash to be funneled into the IMF to be used for further bailouts of the Eurine-zone.

    I Spain goes the same way as Greece and Italy, then Monsewer Van Rumpledstilstskins will be ordering his Kommizzars and Gauleiters en mass into Spain to run that state. Who is to say that the Irish Republic won't be next for Gaulieters and Kommizzar's attention.
  11. And you can see the normal willy-waving goes on even outside UK:
    Unions said 800,000 people joined the protest in Barcelona. Police put the number at 80,000.
  12. Well, given that an order of magnitude obviously doesn't bother them, I can see some real scope for savings here :)