Is South Wales health authority going to pot?

The University Hospital of Wales, has a crap track record on just about every count, Hygene, medical negligence, MRSA, C.DIf, Legionaires, even the constrution of the building it'self was a fraud, the nurses quarters were condemed as unsafe in under 10 years, and had to be re-built because of the poor state of the concreat used, the place has not been out of the news for one nightmare or another since it opened in the late 60s
'Good morning doctor, oh! sorry, good morning Mr. Jones'.

Unbelieveable - both incidents are astonishing.

Will anybody - at the top - resign or be removed? Of course not.

The majority voting to form a 'National Assembly' in Wales was half of one per cent (0.5%). This was trumpeted by the 'grinning spiv' Bliar as a great victory for his scheme to break up the United Kingdom.

For the people of Wales it has cost hard earn money. It has also ensured that the highly paid and expenses gobbling, 'wind-bags' who make Kinnock seem mute, may prance and prate and bask in the reflection of their own perceptions of importance.
Just the same in Scotland.... The 'Scottish Assembly'... or as it is now....'The Scottish Parliament'.... an expensive balls-up when they built the new parliament building. Hundreds of millions over budget. A 'talking shop' for overinflated Windbags and Puffed-up Morons, more layers of ruddy Bureaucrats, more taxes... more chances of these buggers to skim money off the top. Its all reminiscent of the 'Bureaucratic Gravy Cash Train' of the EU.

Pish and dam them all.........

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