Is someone unpopular?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Speedy, May 24, 2006.

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  1. No, its real. I've worked with him.
  2. Unlucky!

  3. Poor bloke.
  4. Sorry to sound like a pill0ck but what does it mean, and what is that sheet actually show?
  5. :D
  6. I would suggest that if your username was a question, the answer would be the ability to read the title of the document! 8O
  7. Its quite noticeable how all the REMFS get to play Nordic while the rest of the army work away...
  8. Oh dear. Cue the howls of outrage. On the off chance that you might not be of the loggie persuasion, should you have the opportunity to see a loggie unit formally on parade, do check out the number of gongs on show. No, the boys and girls didn't earn them in bayonet charges or feeding the guns, but they were there, in whatever capacity. If you are a loggie, then yes, we do have some war dodgers and professional sportsmen and women - as does every cap badge....... certain infantry regiments rugby players, certain gunners who spend more time on the piste than on patrols, a mixed bunch of hoods trekking down Everest as I tap this out, and so on. Live with it or imagine an Army where things like this were no longer allowed.
  9. Bossdog - 78 people out of a corps that represents about 17% of the Army. Pretty sweeping statement that the rest of the army is working away! I'm pretty sure the RLC has it's fair share of troops deployed.
  10. A rather cute lass at my sister's school (many moons ago) had the surname of Hester. First name was Polly. The wnakers that she had for parents were still tripping out on the amount of drugs they had done in the 70s and still thought it was funny.

    You would have thought that Mr Poole might have changed his name by deed poll at some stage: to Pitt :)
  11. Could be worse. Chum of mines Dad was stocious at the christening, hence Yendis - Sidney spelt backwards
  12. Interesting point. In my experience (which, like my Johnson, is long and distinguished) its is usually the lazy and idle that spend the most of their time dripping about their counterparts getting away to play representative sports.

    These bottom feeders don't have the self-motivation to get out there and improve themselves by getting fit and engaging in team based sports, and so would rather sit back and slag off those that do. Unfortunately, these spineless goons rise through the ranks, and their opinions result in good men and women losing the opportunity to particpate in sport in favour of getting some BS work output stats higher for the sake of their own career progression.

    Nordic skiing is by far the most physically demanding activity I have had the good fortune to particpate in so far in my career. It underpins a huge number of good military charateristics (physical robustness, teamwork, determination, to name a few) and it is exactly the type of experience we should aim to provide for all our soldiers and officers.

    Bossdog, if you or members of your unit have problems getting away to play sport, you may want to look a bit more closely at the reasons why that it before descending into a little rant of self-pity.
  13. In reply to the original post.

    Smudge Smith.

    Chalky White.

    Swim Pool.

    Cess Poole.

    Get it yet.