Is somebody to blame for Diggers death?

Attached is a recent article published in the Australian Newspaper;,25197,24079629-31477,00.html

In typical Australian media style, it appears hell bent on finding somebody to blame for another recent operational death. That said, there could be something in the story. Reports are that the Yanks did not tell the Australians that the AME chopper was in for maintenance.

Far be it from me to question the Dutch Lt Col Dr's say so, but I'd be interested to know if this kind obf balls up is really possible?

Colonel van der Zee says the Dutch command was dismayed that the Americans had not requested a Dutch Apache helicopter from Tarin Kowt to escort the medivac mission on July 8, which might have reached McCarthy sooner. Six Dutch Apache attack helicopters were stationed at Tarin Kowt in 2006, according to the Netherlands Defence Ministry. One of these could have been available to rendezvous with the US medivac chopper from Kandahar, Colonel van der Zee said. "They 'forgot' to notify us their Apache was in maintenance," he wrote in his July 15 email to colleagues and friends, criticising the Americans.

"Schmoke and a pancake"
It's just the way the Media works - the idea of deaths is shocking, yet you've got almost no reports on the wounded coming out. Selling the perception that someone is to blame = paper sales.

Seen. And as always I take trashy Oz media with a pinch of salt - even from our only broadsheet!
I'd be interested to know the real story, depite the pie chucking.

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