Is SHEF just a load of b0ll0x or wot?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Big Kahoona, May 28, 2008.

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  1. SHEF: useful function or just an excuse for jobs for the boys or a mechanism for recycling Civil Servants?

    Is it just a load of b0ll0x or wot?
  2. I don't know if it's a load of b0ll0x, but it sure is a pain in th f@*!ing arse. :p

    Remember the old days (I only know of them from reading books - honest :wink: ) when there was no such thing as Health and Safety, and if you died - well tough luck and everyone else just got back to work. :twisted:

    Maybe SHEF isn't so useless after all..... 8O

    Edited for crap grammer and spelling. :oops:
  3. Bollox and a pain in the arrse!
  4. It is dull as fcuk, but a necessary evil - Some people do need protecting from themselves!
  5. The trouble with SHEF in the public sector is that it is staffed by halfwits who have not the slightest clue about what Health and Safety was supposed to be about. The default reflex is to stop something from going ahead. This is of course bollox - SHEF should not be saying that something cannot be done, rather HOW it should be done. Let's get rid of the useless SHEF bureacracy and install some sensible squaddies. I am available next year.
  6. Yes, and some people need protecting from idiots that never consider someone elses Health & Safety 8O
  7. "SHEF"?

  8. Safety, Health, Environment and Fire. It's a useful thing to have, but like everything else it's being overhauled and having bits added to it by each and every new regulation, EU directive and so on.
  9. In the good old days it was Darwin's theory at work - if you did something soooo stupid thet you got killed then it takes that particularly dumb gene out of the breeding pool!

    It doesn't look good for the future!
  10. WAH! :D
  11. My problem with SHEF along with LSI's, ECI's MEI's etc is that theyre very much a three week push to make sure folders and notice boards are up to date prior to an inspection. Inspection happens and loads of recomendations are made that take too long to implement and fall at the wayside due to every other commitment you have. Not to mention the ambiguity between inspection teams.
  12. Welcome to the world of auditing..................................
  13. Its well and good when Darwins theory removes the mong from the gene pool. What invariably happens is the mong will kill/injure/maim the non-mong with their actions.

    SHEF is something that should be used to make our lives safer but still allow risk to be taken where applicable. Most people in green understand this. Civvies don't. I had a fat civvie tell me that I could stand on my desk to pin something to the wall in my office, nor could I use my wheely chair to step onto the desk with. The reason why - I hadn't carried out a risk assessment. I did inform her that I had - I had assessed that it was risky to stand on a wheely chair but I'd be careful, standing on my desk was not risky and as such if I fell off it I was stupid and deserved it. I didn't fall off so all was ok!