Is Sauce for the Goose [i]really[/i] Sauce for the Gander?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. I am no fan of this man or his party........I do share some points of view though. I wonder how close to the truth his (Griffins) coments were when he claimed his arrest was Politically motivated? It took several years for a 'Race Hate Crime' to be recognised in the case of Mr Hamza, yet merely months for the same to be said of Mr whens the election again?

    Take from today's Telegraph

    Sky News also ran a piece as a main headline...........yet they were continually lax enough to allow the number plate of the vehicle that took Griffin away to be shown; surely he deserves the right to protection of his privacy much the same as Beckham? Even more so after the religeously and racially motivated murders in Holland?
  2. But how long has he been able to sprout his claptrap rubbish? Its painfully obvious what the party's mainpoint is - yet this group and some splinter groups of it (IMO) have been going on for years without serious threat of arrest/punishment.
  3. bloody hell!!

    How long does it take to get someone like him into court!

    The video was filmed in march and thats hm just getting nicked? 8O

    thats a long bloody wait for the rozzers to get off their seats at dunkin donuts!!

    agent smith
  4. Both Points are valid....................

    But mine own also hold true.................if Hamza is only now being charged with 'Incitement' crimes having preached the same under the noses of the Met Police officers there to protect his right of free speech; why or how was it that Griffins comments were easier to classify resulting in swifter action?

    He (Griffin) called Islam a "Wicked faith".............Hamza preached to followers of 'actions that should be taken' especially against the 'Zionists'.

    IMO it's yet another attempt to curry favour with the Muslim block in the Midlands.
  5. Hamza has been arrested before.

    I'm not sure if the Griffin ever has been.

    Let me see, interviewed on Television, A video produced by the BNP that has done the rounds, stuffed full of his speeches, putting up candidates for political office, and some of the leaflets distributed, were chock full of inaccuracies and made "interesting" reading.

    Friendships with European Far-Right parties,I didn't imagine that despicable Frog Le Pen coming here did I?

    Bang him up if there is sufficient evidence, but only do so, if you're going to target extremists on both sides. Or should that be 3 sides, as there's also some interesting Sikh and Hindu Fellas, who ain't best chuffed about Kashmir.

    Still, a quick visit to the ulltra-nationalist websites revealed an awful lot of people running around like headless chickens, screaming about the agents of ZOG monitoring their websites. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    So Muslims just live in the Midlands do they LWM?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    So he has been arrested because the police, (no doubt at the behest of the Home Office,) imagine that he was urging people to have an emotion ?

    I am no fan of the bloke either, but is this the thought police going into overdrive ?

    As LWM says, it's spooky that it's occurred just prior to an election......
  7. No PTP ypur right they dont...............but they do have an extremely large voting block in that area wouldn't you agree?

    AS for the comments captured on video fair play........I take it then that you are happy to condone the apparent complicity or willful dereliction of duty of the Met Pol protecting Hamza's Friday liturgy of hatred and anti-semetic/christian content and exhortation?

    Liberal ..............I bet you are :wink: :wink:
  8. Bad Form I know but

    and yet to treat it so lightly would cost them newly won votes in the Midlands!! :lol:
  9. "Freedom of Speech" anyone :?:
    Much as I despise the BNP's narrow-minded bigotry, I feel that the "Race Hate" laws are being applied selectively & in a racially pejudiced manner, due to the outpourings of the "PC" crowd.
  10. There will be more arrests, and I believe it'll be across the board.

    And I meant the comments and content in the BNP's latest video , not the Secret Agent program.
  11. inciting... racial... hatred... i.e. inciting people to THINK something. If that's not arresting him for a thoughtcrime, I don't know what is.

    Better get your Newspeak dictionaries in now.

    Or better still, maybe we can harness the energy of George Orwell spinning in his grave to generate electricity???
  12. From the BNP website:
    Blind Pugh wouldn't stoop to such levels, would he? No, he'd make someone else do it for him...
  13. What concerns me here is that during the Poll Tax (or was it anti-globalisation) riots, the BBC fought tooth and nail to not hand footage over to the Rozzers, whereas here they appear to have dropped off 300 hours of unedited footage without even being asked for it. The BNP are a hideous bunch of racist chavs, but we knew that anyway, and nothing in the documentary surprised me at all, except perhaps for the BBC's repellently self-congratulatory tone as it placed itself at the top of all of its news bulletins, bragging about how clever they were for identifying an element of racism in the BNP. :roll:

    The BNP are still a legitimate party, however disgusting their views and are entitled to be treated fairly. Racists are widespread in British politics: there are plenty in the Tory party and a good few in Labour too (if you want to hear unreconstructed anti-Semitism, listen to Labourites debating the 'Palestine' issue) but you will rarely hear them being outed.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Chickenpunk, you know as well as I that it would be both unfair and a gross invasion of privacy to release the truth on any of the party faithful !

    Unless of course it would make The Glorious Leader look good......