Is Russia backing Iran?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PeterSkellen, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Russia has agreed to enrich Iran's uranium supplies to show that Iran is not using them for weapon's testing. Should we be wary of this deal or is Russia trying to get in the good boy's club?
  2. I believe the Russians will do whatever's in their best interest so if this is true it's probably a very dangerous thing and should be vetoed/stopped or if it is to be enriched to prove its not weapons grade it should be done in a European or preferably international forum.
  3. Its all about the stall. The relationship with Iran is the same type they had with Saddam. Iran is a client with deep pockets and Russia needs foreign currency. The Russians think by helping Iran they can control them. They are very short sighted by thinking islamofascism wont see them as a target. In fact were I running the show in Iran I would be targeting the Russians first rather than the west.

    Anyway its a very dangerous game that is being played. The prize at the end of the game are nuclear weapons. The whole dynamic of the mid east will be turned on its ear when that day comes.
  4. I presume this is the deal being considered (The Iranians haven't accepted yet)...

    You sound a little lukewarm on the idea T6? Doesn't it suit everyone? Russians get some cash... Iranians get nuclear power plants... the West is happy because Iran has not mastered the sensitive bits of enrichment on its soil...

  5. Its a stall tricam. The Iranian's arent interested in nuclear power plants per se, just nuclear weapons. When its all said and done the Iranians will have nuclear weapons.
  6. Iranians need one thing - time. I suspect that their 'yes' really means 'no' but after legthy 'negotiations'.
  7. Is that question a Waaaah?
  8. Politically yes, both Russia and China have vested economic interests in Iran, plus it must make Russia and Iran nervous having the US camped either side of Iranian borders as well as pro western govenrments in the North and South.

    The truth is, Iran are not trying to acquire nuclear weapons, only threatening to do so in order to unite the warring political factions in the Iranian govenrment. It seems nuclear weapons are in fact the only thing the Iranians can agree on. The furore will die down.

    We will never push through any sanctions that cripple or threaten Iran because we need the support of the Russians and the Chinese and they wont vote that way on the Security Council.

    So everyone breathe and relax.

  9. Iran is developing nuclear weapons why else have they also stepped up development of their missile program the only way that these missiles would be of an military importance is if the carried nuclear, biological or chemical war heads. Iran is becoming an increasing threat to the security of the Middle East and is filling the power vacuum that now exists with an unstable Iraq. The reason Russia is helping Iran is pure and simply cash it needs it and Russia doesn't seem to mind selling nuclear material, equipment and missile technology to Iran in order to get.

    Also if Iran was not develpoing nuclear weapons how come nuclear material enriched to 50% was found at a nuclear facility and only 5% enriched unranium is used in nuclear power anything above that is meant for weapons grade.
  10. It's a very interesting information. Where have you find it? Is the source reliable?
  11. Power vaccum?? :eek:

    Please elaborate. Iraq is still very much the regional power in Iraq-Iran relations. Iran relies on Iraq to maintain the oil price in OPEC as you can see by Iranian efforts to install a friendly govenrment via the funding of the Sadr militia. :evil:

    In the near future Iran will look to the far east for support where its abysmal human rights record will be overlooked.

    As for nuclear weapons, Iran can't afford to be seen as a threat by Israel especially with destabilisation of Syria, its mutual defence deterrent. The whole show is posturing by a worried Iranian government being played on the International stage. In my (albeit humble!) opinion, Iran is not a threat, just trying to punch above its weight to impress the voters.

    (recently Israel ran sorties into Syrian airspace and destroyed several Syrian terrorist training camps without a single Syrian shot being fired in retaliation, mainly due to outdated AD assets but also because they dared not)

    The situation will be resolved backstage by the Security Council.
  12. AFAIK the argument is that they bought the equipment from someone else. The traces of highly enriched uranium were from this previous users work. Whether that's true or not I don't know.

  13. I don't believe them especially as the building where it was found the IAEA were prevented from going into for some time while equipment was removed and it repainted and decontaminated. When the inspector when in the paint was still drying If it was inncoent why such as cover up.
  14. "Iran and Russia failed to agree on a Russian proposal to enrich uranium for Iran on Russian soil; the Iranians refused to agree to stop all uranium enrichment at home. Iran requested last-minute talks with Britain, France and Germany, ahead of a board meeting next week of the IAEA, the UN's nuclear guardian"

    As per the economist Mar 2nd 2006

    Hate to say I told you so..