is RTFQ compromised?

Can anyone explain why the IGS account wouldn't let me on to arrse this morning? It gave me the normal spiel about content (vilolence, porn, incitement to overthrough tony etc) but was adament that arrse was evil and no-way was I getting on there. Of course, for the record, I use someone elses computer to log on to the site and the original user has no idea I do it (!). The real RTFQ is a great guy and someone should promote him by the way... It's obviouslt working fine now.

Have I been clocked by the thought police? I have my hand on the cutaway pad, so if anything else dodgy happens I'm gone. My last will and testament is that the moderator can issue my real email address to any of the REAL arrse stalwarts (use your judgement) and that those people use it with discretion.

If you don't hear from me again assume I'm compromised - it's been a blast.

Or you could just use the Computers in the Multimedia Centre if you have one near you that is?

Compromised - Naaaaaaaaaah your boss is an Arrse user too . Where do you think the phrase 'Where the Army does it's b*tching' comes from? :D

Nothing like paranoia to give you that 'edge' :D :D
You naughty Arrse people! Yes it would appear Arrse has attracted the attention of the IGS police and is now persona non gratus. Looks like civvy connections only from now on I'm afraid. :roll: .........And yes I am skiving off at the moment.
RTFQ Slug called today flapping that she was also out in the cold.....
it was harsh to hear her whinning, it went on for ages, I came back and checked the phone several times and she was still squeaking away.....
good to see you got back in, wit is always welcome on my screen!
are you gay really?

Beebs x
I have also discovered that IGS have added ARRSE to the outlawed list. Clicked the link to IGS to ask for it to be unbarred, but the link leads to a 404 error page... Shame. It would be nice to know what rule the thought police think we have broken.
I had the same banned message this morning and was devising another way to access arrse at work (purely for military HR research you understand :wink: :wink: )....

However, it is now back to normal. So either the commercial block list used by BT was faulty or the IGS team got fed up with the flood of complaints and have re-enabled access to arrse????
doomsayer said:
However, it is now back to normal. So either the commercial block list used by BT was faulty or the IGS team got fed up with the flood of complaints and have re-enabled access to arrse????
Power to the people!! You can take our lives but you'll never take our arrses :!:


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Likewise, off this morning, but back now. A few other sites - pretty random selection, it would appear - were also selected.

May I thank whoever was sensible enough to get the ban lifted, and fart in the general direction of whoever was paranoid enough to put the block on in the first place :)
ARRSE was banned on the welfare computers at Shaibah Log Base for a while, but that was because the command element of the unit there at the time got twitchy about people revealing what a bunch of clusters they were.
It was back on when the next unit tok over though.
There were a couple of worm viruses knocking about this morning which was making most servers and the internet slow.

Some sick twat hacker is circulating an email asking for help with the Tsunami and a program installs itself when you click on the link. It records all your key strikes and worms into your main server. They want money basically and it seems to be of german/eastern european origin

If you get it dont open it. At least the IT geeks have had to do some work this morning



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SIG or IGS? IGS is the Internet Gateway Service. There have ben technical problems with this today, apparently, hence the problems connecting from many Govt IS to the august organ of free speech that is ARRSE :)

I am very reliably informed that, even if there was a deliberate blocking of this site, it was NOT due to the intervention of MoD Spin HQ, who are, on the contrary, avid devotees of this site :D

Edited for my stupidity :oops:
RTFQ, if they are on your trail, and you are unable to talk, just key your mike twice at five minute intervals, and we will come and get you
I've popped orange smoke. Everyone in the office was looking at me so I hid under my desk and tried to make a fire using the potassium crystals in my survival tin. The sprinklers went off and now the office is a sea of orange water. I've just eaten my ID card, my boss is walking over. He doesn't look happy.

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