Is Royal Irish Reg for me ?

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Hi guys,

Well i have my ADSC 24th October - Initially i decided i wanted to join Royal Irish Reg because of my mums family all being of an irish background , also the fact that im from birmigham and 1RIR are based in shropshire kinda persuaded me thats where illd like to be. However from the last conversation i had with recruitment officer he kinda made out that its not really a popular choice with people my age (19), and that most are well older than myself.

My question is , am i going to be the young one who gets ripped to peices by the older lads or from experience are there other people my age in 1RIR ??


Oh and feel free to rip me to peices for such a comical post. i know what to expect on here lol.
I have worked briefly, about 3 weeks, with them on Ops and I don't know what the recruitment officer is talking about. I suspect he is trying to bullshit you to try and stear you towards something else. There are a lot of lads in the Royal Irish similar to yourself, Irish family connections etc I met scousers, geordies, kiwis and mancs amongst there ranks. If you want to join the Royal Irish then stick to your guns, allthough joining as they are close to your mams house may not be the best motivation for selecting them.
Thanks for your reply, It seemed as if he was pushing me towards rifles or mercian.
I guessed it wouldn't be all irish there but would kinda make the most sense having an irish background to go there. As for being near home, dont think i will be going home to often, i made my decision about 1RIR before knowing where they where based, just a bonus that im not a million miles away from civvi mates & family. Thanks again :)
Im assuming theres plenty of early 20's and such by your reply ? lol

Why don't you phone their Recuiting Team directly on 02890 420 306
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