Is RMP as bad as I hear?

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Hello everyone.

I've got an application going through at present and I've had my heart set on RMP, however recently I've been looking at the other roles and some seem equally as exciting/interesting.

I've got a few people in the army and when I've mentioned to them my intentions I've nearly always been met with negative opinions of the RMP. Is this the case that all 'monkeys', as I've already been called, are VERY unpopular? Or is it a similar standing to the civvy police? If so I'm prepared for that won't bother me. However I'll strongly consider another role if its a plain hatred for the RMP. Mind you what I've been told of the current RMP is that they aren't very fair, whereas I'd do my best to be. But I'm not in the position and only know one side of the story.

Having scored 70 on my barb I'm able to apply to any role, as I've been told by the Recruitment Office. So I'm just trying to get a more in depth idea of the way things work, preferably from both sides.

Thanks in advance.
I'd PM the CO's and ask them to delete your account, your PERSEC is crap. Come back with an anonymous user name.
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