Discussion in 'REME' started by VerminWA, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. After reading this post in the REME TRF thread I thought I would ask the question is REME TA a waste of time and f$$king money? Thanks for the post though warpdriveengaged, of real substance and quality!
    I was just wondering if anyone out there has any figures about how much a REME Bn costs to run per annum, including the costs of the running the workshop, the HQ element, the barracks, the quarters and all the stuff that goes into them right down to each individual fork? And against this how much it costs to run a TA REME Bn and then compare the amount of operational days were produced by each.

    I know that there is a difference in the standard of training etc, these have long been debated, and it’s just facts and figures that I'm after. And before anyone asks yes I am REME TA and no I’m not trying to wind anyone up, all I’m after is some reasoned debate.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I would be amazed and impressed if anyone has managed to do an accurate cost comparison on VFM from Regular and TA REME. I would think it almost impossible. Regular Units do the job all the time, and TA do 'real' production pretty sparingly; but is that what they are for? The TA are there now to fill gaps caused by there not being enough Regulars, plain and simple. To this end, they may not get any production done at all, apart from when mobilised, but still cost £££ to run otherwise. When mobilsied, however, they are probably pretty good VFM wise, as they are on an Op Tour, then binned again afterwards!

    And of course, even if the comparison was made, it would certainly be made to reveal exactly the answers that were being looked for :)
  3. A slightly different comment, but related to the main question. Rather than saying that REME TA are a waste of money, identifying people within REME TA which are a waste of money.

    I could name quite a few, in my unit, who are on decent pay, with max bounties and are of little/no use in the modern TA. They will never be mobilised (and if they are, they get the employer to object), are a drain on resources and block valuble LSN's which de-motiveate people who are seeking/ready for promotion.

    I would investigate people who have been mobilised and bin those that did not have a decent reason for not going, then investiagate everyone else to ensure that they could be mobilised. Bin those that can't (sorry single mums). If you take the money, then you have to take the responsibility too.
  4. I believe that the problem of WOFTAM individuals is not just TA problem, unless the regular army has changed a massive amount since I was there.
  5. Like you guys say, there are wasters in both Reg and TA REME. What we need is bosses with balls to identify these people and get rid.

    We've done it in my unit, we had a guy who went AWOL after a week in the unit. We checked with his previous unit and he'd done it there too. He was an 'admin case' he'd been a pain in the arrse even before he arrived with various ailments/reasons not to do stuff.

    OC LAD wrote a report saying he was a waste of space and asked for his discharge. Result is that he's discharged from the army next week. Good riddance.

    REME TA need to do this too, too many freeloaders in my opinion.

    I have worked with some good ones too though, like I say, ID the wasters and get rid.
  6. Whilst I agree with Nige's comments, there is an inherent problem within the TA. Most of the sh1t old crusties have risen to a decent rank and have the ear of/are the OC. Making it harder to get shot of them.

    It needs to be done from an impartial (dare I say almost Civil Servant type) position.
  7. It boils down to the one thing most of us within the Corps are lacking today and that is balls, (or moral courage as the good book calls it), either highlight these individuals like Niges OC did or let them get away with it. Our REME (V) have a small number of great individuals but a huge number of time wasters and they do cost us money, money which is desperately needed within the reg Bn's aswell as first line units! IDentify your time wasters and kick 'em out!!
  8. having served with a reme bn (v)
    i added the thread to induce debate especially as DEME(A) has given them 7 years to close the training gap (2500 hrs as a vm i think....... not) and yes it is the seniores and officers who appear to be paid under false pretences

    also why is it that when TA advertising stickers are put on their kit they dont like it and try to hide it

    the american national guard are proud to be reserves so why not ours

    may i also say that a good man serving on a part time basis who i know very well is a very respected and qualified civil engineer still says to me "if you do crazy paving or build a patio at the weekens then do not compare yourself to me" soi why do the TA lads get so wrapped up in trying to prove something?

    as augementees they have a good part to play but as formed bodies or commanders?

    nuff said
  9. There is a culture of cronyism that is prevalent in all walks of life from H M Govt. down. It is rife where I work, so much so the company is on the verge of going bust every year. Ineffectual idiots in posts because they play golf in the right circles. If you believe that this can be defeated I'm right there with you but wait one while I feed my herd of gold horned unicorns.

    Without doubt people should not be promoted beyond their abilities but poorly written CR’s cause a lot of these problems. I have seen a unit recently where there was a rash of misguided promotions and that was due to a lack of any command whatsoever. OC's need to know their troops so when a poorly written CR arrives on their desk it can be returned to sender forthwith.

    This may be more prevalent within TA units agreed, they do not spend anywhere near as much time together, they don't have a rigid mess structure and some members may also socialise together outside of the unit. Again it is down to the upper echelons to enforce and educate as to what the correct form or process is.

    I will also like to take some time to answer a few points put forward by the real reason this thread started.

    Well maybe that’s because of the likes of you are always telling them they are sh*t?
    If it's not you or your ilk, it's the media/tv using the TA as a cheap joke, try some national favorites on for size "The Office" "The League of Gentleman" and "Only Fools and Horse's"

    WTF? Gibberish!

    What may I ask did you serve as? It certainly does not seem that you were in a position of any standing. You appear to have missed out your EFP1 if your spelling is anything to go by!

    What a fantastic idea, lets change the TA completely, make everyone private soldiers, they can turn up and mill around with no training, discipline or direction, that will turn them in to motivated team members won’t it. Even better lets turn all TA units into communes where all are equal! I think the whole world now knows that communism doesn't work!

    Again you show your complete ignorance of an organisation you clearly think is your poorer cousin. Maybe after your 22 years and the Army is no longer wiping your arrse you will get some idea of what these guys are giving up to serve.

    Soon when I am asked to volunteer for an operational tour (due in the next couple of months and yes we are being asked to volunteer this time round) I may just think f**k it, warpdriveengaged thinks I'll make a shit commander. Why should I leave my home, my career, my family and my friends so the likes of him don’t have to spend 6 months on tour? Well rest assured I won’t do it for the likes of you but I will do it for one of my best friends who seems to be constantly on tour, presently in Iraq while his wife is pregnant, the same as he was the 1st time she was pregnant.

    Now we have choices, as this present Govt. is forcing us to become nearly one and the same thing.
    1st We can all work together, help one another and get this Army, the whole f**king Army working as a team.
    2nd We can continue sitting on our bar stools spouting STAB this and ARAB that and be seen, by anyone in the World who has access to the www, on a public forum to be a disjointed, unproffesional organisation with low morale. Which is it to be?

    Now I believe it's spelt like this, enough said.
  10. do yo know

    having read your post i believe i am in a good position to sue
    i was an spsi and ******* worked hard but believe i am owed that back by the mod as i signed up for 22 years with the regular army
  11. and when you volunteer
    is it because you are out of work?

    so why dont you shut the **** up
  12. i believe the TA to be a weapons club with a drinking problem
  13. wde, can you please re-read your posts and edit them to make sense? This is the 2nd one I have read that makes no grammatical (or logical) sense.
  14. WDE Your name being "warpdriveengaged" obviously shows a passing interest in Star Trek, you say you were an SPSI. Have you ever been on a TV gameshow/quizshow?

    And by the way I am employed, full time, with a very nice pay packet thank you, I lose money coming to the TA and at the end of the year I f have to give 17% of it back because I have to pay 40% tax on it not the 23% that is deducted.
  15. Sorry to quote myself but it's for a good reason, WDE you don't seem to have been round much since my last update to this thread, have I got you pegged?