Is Prezza for real?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Outstanding, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. For a bloke who claims to have suffered from bulimia he remains pretty healthy!

    Why would he make this up - generation of pity??
  2. The only eating disorder he has is the I ate all the pies syndrome.

    His pie arm is faster than his metabolism. Fat useless sack of shoite.
  3. Precisely - so why has he come up with this story- is it to give his fantastic (yawn) life story some sense of humanity or is he just a twunt?
  4. Two Gags!
  5. Not for publicity for his book then
  6. Hee Hee! thunderin chunderin!
  7. I read captions to my wife from the story in the Daily Mail today. We couldn't help but laugh at some of his excuses. Dislike the man I do but there's an endearing entertainment quality to him that makes me smile. I still say he's a useless fat cnut before I receive some incoming.
  8. Thank goodness for that last little comment, if only he were 50% as good as that!
  9. 'Why would he make this up - generation of pity??'

    A little matter of his memoirs being serialised in the Sunday Times next month (although the News of the Screws might be more appropriate) and releasing snippets like this might encourage joe public to put their hands in their pockets and stump up for it.

    Also, a few weeks ago, Prescotts' expense details were revealed for 2004-2005, including £4000 for food. Maybe he's trying to justify that amount of wedge by claiming 'well, whenever I ate anything, I brought it back up'.

    Interestingly, this report appeared in a number of papers (although it didn't deserve the coverage that it got - particularly from the BBC) and very few of those posting had any sympathy for him at all.

    Although I usually take the Sunday Times, I am seriously considering switching to another quality Sunday for the duration of this serialisation - such is the contempt that I feel for him and most of his colleagues.
  10. Thread Title - Is Prezza for real?

    Ans - Unfortunately yes 8O
  11. Unbelievable..

    He was a piss poor Politician / Deputy PM and judging by the look of the fat cunt he was an even more incompetant the eating part spot on just forgot to throw up..
  12. Don't get the idea that all people who suffer from eating disorders (and bulimia especially) are painfully thin stick insects, they aren't and many look as normal in weight as anyone else.

    On the face of it I don't think he's made it up. I can't see any reason why he would, given that there was never going to be a great deal of sympathy for him, with the obvious pie jokes etc.

    Whenever any senior politician's memoirs are published there's usually one headline grabbing bit, " I had an affair with John Major" being probably the most memorable of recent times.
  13. He's one of the few politicians who could light up a room by simply moving away from the window!
  14. Arent bulimics supposed to throw up what they eat therefore staying skinny. He must have forgot the second part typical prescott doing a half arsed job
  15. To a point, but generally when you are sick you only throw up a small portion of what you've eaten/drank if any period of time has past. If you feel ill at the end of a night out you generally don't throw up all ten pints.