Is previous experience needed?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Its_me!.., Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Evening all,

    Im just in the process of picking my three choices and looking for a change in direction in regards to my career. I havnt got any mechanical experience but i am still drawn to the aircraft tech role (also drawn to Geo tech RE, but thats another thread!). Without any previous experience, apart from messing around with the odd off-road motorbike, would i still manage with work loads training etc and keep up with other colleagues who may have done specific civvie quals? Or would the intense training bring me up to scratch? I have the grades/education requirements needed, always work hard at things and pick things up quick, so basically any advise would be helpful from people in the know!

  2. You don't need any prior qualifications whatsoever. Indeed, when I went through Arborfield there was a large contingent of young lads who came straight from Harrogate, who only had GCSE's and no life/work experience at all.

    The courses are well-run, as long as you apply yourself then you'll be fine.
  3. No there are only a few jobs in the army where you require any previous knowledge of the trade, majority are based on your Academic ability and from your trainability assessed from your BARB test. Minimum of C grades Maths , English lang and Science just ensure for either of those two jobs that your Science and Maths is on the ball still.
  4. If you do have experience though..keep quiet about it and give the impression that you are a natural, that sort of sneaky, bluffers attitude will see you go far, you mark my words.
  5. I hated people like that in trade training :p

    Admittedly, because I was a mong! Still am . . .
  6. FWIW. If I did my time again, I would go Geo Tech.
  7. No prior experience would have benefited me on my CR2 course. Practical test Find and rectify a CPS fault. No symptoms given as to what to look for.
    Dropped into the turret and did the normal on the way in , ie check and tighten all connections, loose cable xyz found and corrected.
    CPS checked, no fault found.
    GPS checked, no fault found
    GCE checked,no fault found

    Repeated every check I could think of again and again but couldn´t even find any fault symptoms.
    At the end of the allotted time frame I had to climb out and admit that this one had me beat, I couldn´t fix it because I couldn´t find it. Apart from the loose cable left by the previous student, as far as I could detect the tank was in perfect working order.

    The loose cable hadn´t been left by the previous student but had been loosened by the instructor afterwards. That was the fault I was supposed to find due to the fault symptoms which would have been present.
  8. But we all know from experience it doesn't matter what trade you are by the end of the day think simple before you start ripping everything apart....many a time Ive fixed things with a big pat on the back walking away thinking how the **** did I fix that..:jocolor:
  9. I take it you don't have mates
  10. I did the Geo Tech introduction week down at Hermitage prior to going REME, if your happy sat at a computer all day doing route cards and colouring in tracks on a map then go for it...
  11. Wots a Geo Tech?

    its a long time since I wuz in and this is a new one on me

    Ta, Plumber.
  12. Geographical Tech RE
    Royal Engineer (Fat Badge) Map making and Terrain analyse
  13. Thanks mate

    when I was in Centurian was a rank, not a tank.
  14. Yes, the generation gap. "Surveyor" used to be a perfectly good job description.