Is PRB the worst camp in world

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. yes too many people there

  2. no its great

  1. following on from other posts, this seems appropriate. PRB is over-populated and has very poor infra-structure. the recreation & leisure facilities are amongst the poorest i've seen - there is almost nothing for tps/dependents to do. its the only camp i know that's got so many people inside the wire (essentially 1 Hq & sig Sqn, 4 regts and various lodger-units)

    the Gym has been improved recently but is still not up to scratch for the number of people
    the swimming pool has been empty for 2 yrs.
    Getting into/out of camp is a lottery
    the cinema is straight out of bad-lads army, and when its open its sh!te. It seems to be permannetly closed?
    the Base Admin/BFG staff are permanently overstretched with too many people
    there's one tiny NAAFI with only 2 tills (only ever 1 open) where there's always a huge queue, often right around the shop
    the on camp 'facilities' naafi finance, ogirkes etc are without doubt the rudest in BFG

    the hive and various welfare offices concentrate on families, little or nothing is done for the singlies, nothing is ever advertised suitable for singlies, eg local attractions, restraunts, pubs/clubs cinemas etc.

    Granted the new Z type accon is very smart, but accon in the WO/Sgts' & Officers' Mess is well below par.

    Any thoughts on this place?
    can it be improved?
    or is it being ignored with a view to relocating elsewhere - if so, why build the new Z types?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    You must be a right barrel of laughs to work with....

    What are you doing about it?

  3. sadly, MSR, i've moved on to pastures new

    Rest assured, when i was there i led 2 overseas expeds, numerous w/e trips away and appoved funding / support for other activities such as cultural trips to european cities, trips to auswitzch/dachaeu, skiing etc.

    these were not one offs or twice a yr, but i mandated each Tp would lead an activity once a month. fortunately i was supported by top SNCOs and good Tp Comds.
  4. Actually, nobody else from 12 is being squeezed into PRB, less a few LAD personnel. The Task Sqns will come from 1 & 2, with a further Sqn remaining in Abingdon UFN. The RHQ et al will locate in Osnabruck.

    Basing is a real issue at the mo, particularly with the aspiration to move 102X back and 8 regt out etc etc....i can't keep up anymore...its nearly lunch time i'm going to tescos...'cos i can!
  5. I'm with you Goon, PRB is the worst camp I've ever had the misfortune of being posted to. The facilities are bad and to make matters worse it's a pretty souless place with no character. The road passing PRB is also a death trap - I know of at least three service personnel killed on the stretch between Top Patch and the camp in the 18 months I was based there.
  6. If I were you I would leave the army at the first oppotunity. Is there anything right for you.?
    Whinging Poms or Pongos !!!!
  7. The only thing wrong with PRB is its full of truck drivers and blanket stackers. And of course more butch lesbians than the Romanian Olympic female shot putt team.
  8. You poor people, being posted to such a nasty horrible camp. Thank the lord that i have had the fortune to be posted to such well built and facility laden places such as Dulmen, Keogh, St Omer, Herford...............
  9. the difference being at those aforemetioned establishements is that they don't have approx 3000 pax crammed in such a small piece of real estate, and, the point Gonzo makes about the dangerous road is very true.

    there was once a speed camera, it has however been removed.

    i hope plans are afoot for traffic calming betwen the camp, top-patch and the super improved pads-NAAFI and family complex otherwise i predict more tragic RTAs.

    similarly, guetersloh is an utter dive and completely soul-less where, despite the €millons per year inject from the British, you'll never get anything more than a luke-warm welcome.
  10. I spent 3 very happy years there when the RAF had it - I went back for my resettlement and couldn't believe how much it had changed for the worse !!!
  11. The local Gütersloh population was always like that, but if you really make the effort you can break the ice. I can also see the point of how it was different when the RAF were there, but even after they went there was a Golf Course, Swimming Pool, Ski Slope, Skeet Shooting Club, Motocross Club, Sub Aqua Club, Football Club, Rugby Club etc. Not exactly what you'd call no facilities even if the army has let some of them slip.

    You are also withing a short drive of Paderborn where there is a Parachute Centre, Equestrian Centre amongst other things. You aren't too far from Winterburg for the skiing or the Mohnesee for windsurfing and sailing either. Maybe you'd be happy with a posting to Fally or Hohne and you can spend some time with all their facilities?
  12. I've been past it a few times but never had the pleasure of entering. However, if it's worse than Cavalry at Hounslow it must be bad.
  13. Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow is the worst camp in the world.

  14. Are all the women who work in the PRI in PRB still all honeys? Used to really brighten my day that; trip to the Red Fred, some shopping and a bit of letching!
  15. No, far from it!