Is pop music slowly dying out?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by TheBigUn, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Are you sick and tired of hearing the same tired songs on the wireless every minute of the day, even though most of them are now at least 20 plus years old?
    Why are lots of modern songs re hashed versions of older ones and do you surprise the kids by knowing the words when you sing along? (if you sing along?) or is just me being middle/old aged?
  2. Middle aged mate.
  3. You have to be in advanced middle age to know what a wireless is.
  4. it is to be noticed that over the last few years there are more 'bands' in the charts that can play thier own instruments and appeal to the majority of listeners who enjoy a catchy tune,
    and less of the 'visual' pretty boy/girl, talentless, tone deaf, pathetic dance acts that are marketed at the immature and impressionable kids/teens.

    'pop will eat itself??''

    thank f*uk.
  5. Thanks Biscuits!
  6. utter tripe! the sooner we can bring about its demise the better!

  7. A what?
  8. That's OK mate. Sit down, take the weight off your feet and tell us what it was like during the war :lol:
  9. Listening to Glen Miller on the wireless, now that is real music!
  10. You not come across one with two cnuts with it?? 8)

    There is undoubtly some compleat crap out there, as on radio 1 on the way home today I was greated with THIS I changed stations quicker than an Italian changes sides.
  11. It seems that all possible things have been played already and all types of cords/riffs in all imaginable order have been used since the birth of popular music. So therefor it's not that strange when you hear a tune and say: hey,that sounds pretty much like this or that!
    Luckely we survived the 90's with some serious amount of shite music (is it safe to call it music?) like house,rave,techno and all that crap.
    It's good to hear decent 4 man bands again instead of the above mentioned shite and crap like boybands.
    I played guitar in a rockband,so i may be a little biased but i think most of us who past the 30's know what i'm talking about.

  12. You know its a bad day for music when Take fookin that get a special award at the Q awards. I'm sorry but reforming after 10 years does not take away the fact they were sh!te. Although if you look away from the pop sh!te music is actually in a very good place. Probably the best it's been for years. And i mean music with instruments and stuff not some spotty oik with a laptop.
  13. Yeah but now all the screaming wet 12 year old fans are screaming wet 22 year olds :)
  14. I was driven to talk radio due to the predominence of crap rap on the radio but now work in a environment were radio 1 is the order of the day. I now find myself listening to and buying the Killers,Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Zutons, Muse etc. I think that pop has got better since the late 90's early 20's, though being 46 it could be a mid life crisis

    Is it just me or is the new song by Girls Aloud about wanting some hoop action, maybe I've been spending too much time reading arrse.
  15. Mega big T, male menopause hits us all at some stage dude hope it clears up soon :p . As for girls Aloud (Drools) hoop action, if they want to "pop" into my w4nk tank here in heartbreak hotel for singlies i'd deffo ringdoby them in turn...! oh and Loz with regards to "music with instruments and stuff not some spotty oik with a laptop" i quote from Shaun of the Dead... "Its not Pop... its electro" :) Our armoury is permanently superglued on BBC Wireless 2. And the phone is always off the hook at 1030 for the "popmaster" quiz hee hee...