Is PM Brown doing ok or is he just bringing bad luck?

Is Gordon Brown a Jinx?

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  • What's a jinx?

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I mean, he's only been in the chair a few weeks and we've had terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow, massive floods all over the country that would have given Noah a bad day, and now foot and mouth has returned.

My reasonable side says it's not his fault of course but I'm beginning to think WTF next! Was Tony Bliar actually in league with the Devil and arrange all this to shaft his non-bezzer when he flew off with the wicked witch (Cherie)? Should I make sure my house and local pub are secure against a plague of locusts just to be safe? I think it's all a message from God that Brown shouldn't have the job and Maggie should be given her chair back.
You're actually not far off the mark.
Please dont mention that woman again. Im still scarred from the pics of her in a bathing suit earlier in the week.

Gordon.. hmm.. Yeah. He's been jinxed by the Joker.. sorry..that Joker, Tony. Son of Satan
Only a matter of time before Broon was totally f*cked by B-liar. Do you honestly think the arch demon B-liar would have gotten out unless there was a self-centered reason. Watch out and wonder at the way in which Broon is left floundering.
Brown has made a good start.
It would seem he will crack down on or have nothing to with, Drugs, The Casino gambling project, and has talked about masses of new housing.
All are popular vote winners.
As long as Cammeroon is his opposition I do feel that the Torys have no chance at next election.
Psst. Gordon Bown was the second most prominent member of the Labour Government for the past 10 years. There is nothing new about him, we have seen it all. He's a meddler who's been meddling for 10 years, silently taking your hard earned cash and wasting it since 1999. Blair may well have been the pretty boy of the party but the engine room has been the dour Scot's domain for a good while.

The greatest trick that Gordon Brown ever pulled was convincing the public he didn't exist in government before becoming head of it.
jonwilly said:
Brown has made a good start.
It would seem he will crack down on or have nothing to with, Drugs, The Casino gambling project, and has talked about masses of new housing.
All are popular vote winners.
As long as Cammeroon is his opposition I do feel that the Torys have no chance at next election.
Fair one, but being a major part of the previous 10 years of New Lab-liar do you still think that what comes out of his mouth can be believed? It's easy to say popular vote-winning stuff but it's another to see it through. Last month he was grinning and pressing the flesh with troops out in Iraq without the slightest twinge of guilt for what he's done to shaft them when he was i/c purse strings.
Brown was and is - dangerous! He cannot stop fiddling and meddling. He has robbed the pension industry and all but destroyed it - and nobody seems to care.
His so-called 'good moves' since inheriting power and being annointed, are:

1. Dressing properly when meeting the USA Berk-in-Chief. (I wonder if he will pay the Lord Mayor of the City of London the same respect, or will it be the same old crumpled suit).

2. Getting off his fat polished arse and returning to London when the foot-and-mouth outbreak was announced.

3. Binning the super-casinos.

Everything else is the same old spin, lies and bent statistics.
lsquared said:
He has robbed the pension industry and all but destroyed it - and nobody seems to care.
The life insurance industry care very much. Brown is lining them up for the same treatment as pensions got.

'Jonah' Brown is the antichrist. We must throw him into the sea.
You can fool some of the people all of the time and in Broons Britain that 'some' seems to be a depressingly high percentage, including most of the press whom you would think should know better.
Considering most of the army comes from working class stock, it's surprising how many people have rose-tinted specs when it comes to Thatcher. Before she was crowned Queen of the Capitalists, the British people owned the transport sector, the utilities, most of the housing stock and lots more besides. She sold off our birthrights and tried her best to destroy the working classes. Why did she successfully batter the unions? Because their objective is to protect the rights of the working classes and stop a tiny minority of obscenely wealthy fatcats owning all the resources in our country.

It's hard to work out who actually runs our country now? Ruper Murdoch? Some other foreigner? Certainly not the British people or the British government. Thatcher and her fellow millionaires (she is extremely wealthy of course - it goes with the territory) are to blame. Her policies were the policies of endless greed and robbing the people of their own resources. What happens now that our country has been sold off? If Brown tries to tax the rich they move out and/or price us the British people out of the market so we cannot have access to our own country and its resources. We are forced to accede that this is the way it should be.

And we are stupid for letting it all happen. Do we blame Murdoch or his other billionaires who have leveraged and swindled our country from the people? Of course not...although I bet it would be different if he wasn't white! How much of Scottish highlands are owned by Brits? Very very little. So who do we blame? The Prime Minister for making us poor. As if it was him and not the Tories who sold all of our army housing to Annington for a couple of quid and council houses to "entrepreneurs" (i.e. a bunch of chancers) forcing property prices through the roof and leaving even more property into the hands of the incredibly wealthy. Shame on us. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
People seem to have short memories...and seem to think Brown might be a good PM. Granted he hasnt been in power long, but where do you think hes been for the last 10 years??...

Yes BLIAR has been PM for 10 years, but Brown was his wing man. The reason Britain is the way it is now, is down to Brown aswell...who backed Bliar on his decisions. Gordon Brown seems to think thats hes just stepped into number 10 Downing Street from planet Mars.

And the scary thing about it is, the British public seem to believe it all.

Stand by for Labour to win the next election...because you people keep voting the bastards in!!
The fact that prior to Thatcher's privatisation of a lot of industries we (Joe Public) were subsidising British Rail, The NCB , British Steel etc were constantly losing money never seems to be brought into these arguments. The joke statement that we owned the public utilities is simply an idealogical dream. Every time one of these giants made a loss it was written off by the government which actually means the bills were paid by the taxpayer. The British Motor industry was destroyed by Wilson who wanted to find a good job for his mate Stokes , who was an office boy with Austin or Morris. If these things wewre so bad why haven't the Labour Government in the last 10 years even started to take them back into public ownership?. The NHS is being privatised by the back door and the only growth industry in the country is the Civil Service which is notn the fault of Civil Servants but of a government that is obsessed with running every facet of your life. Byb the way I'm very much orking class having been a miner prior to HMF and a lorry driver for the last 34 years.
Who do people think was holding the purse strings for the last 10 years? If One Eye Brown did'nt like the ideas or policies, he would cut off the money, so in effect he has been running the country at arms length since New Liebour came to power.
I don't think the 'soldier's' seeing Mrs. Thatcher through rose tinted glasses was anything to do with politics. I believe it was to do with two things:

1. The huge (and necessary) pay-rise the day after she was elected.

2. We all knew were we stood - whether we liked it or lumped it.

As for 'working-class' - what precisely is working class? Mrs. Thatcher was I think the daughter of a shop-keeper and her successor - well, he didn't even go to grammar-school (groan, groan). Mr. Major's successor: public-school and Oxford.

'Class' is a dead duck and only those inflicted with an inferiority complex even consider the matter.
Miken said:
U forgot, during the quiet spell between floods and foot n mouth, he went to AMERICA and the bridges thembled and fell!
Good call. I'm off to Majorca on Saturday for a holiday. Is Broon due to use Gatwick that day? Should I pack my swimming trunks or a fire extinguisher?

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