Is Penhale still open?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by sazzz, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. I was told recently that for summer camp this year we were going to Penhale, however it was my understanding that Penhale closed and has subsequently been demolished for housing, so unless were gona camp on the building site.....
    anyway, could somjeone please tell me if it is closed? it is slightly confuzzeling.
  2. No mate tis shut.....
    If you are there this summer there is a good chance you are being moved to RAF ST Morgan instead.
  3. Bloody godforsaken place!

    As a 15 year old cadet I remember orienteering in the sand dunes only for a couple of stark bollock naked bokes to run away from us!
  4. You mean you spent a lazy summers afternoon squatting over the bonehard f*cksticks of your instructors whilst the breeze crept over the windbreak and into your blonde hair ?
  5. The horror, the horror.....
  7. I know the Penhale Camp Commandant very well. My understanding is that all the site support elements are shutting down and the manpower is transferring to St Mawgan as part of the Training Estates Review. However, I believe the real estate at Penhale will remain for training etc, administered from St Mawgan. I stand to be corrected.

    Can't believe I have just posted in the ACF forum.
  8. Junior camp this Easter is still being held at Penhale, but apparently after the end of April weekend camps etc for Cornwall ACF will all then be held at St Mawgan.
  9. I think most of it has been sold off, some civvy company runs resettlement courses there now though. I'm lucky enough to soon be moving down the road to the beautiful Holywell Bay :)
  10. Penhale is sold off but can't be used due to asbestos.

    EBO (who are shit and expensive) use the site and trg area

    Training area is bookable.

    The end