Is Part 3 Gap Training with other units possible?

Having been unable to attend the RAMC part 3 gap training at AMSTC this year I'm now told that I can proceed to do my CMT 2, but won't be paid as a class 2 soldier until my part 3 is done, which is fair enough.

However, the next Part 3 is in february of next year and being as I'm currently in a specialist RAMC unit, I was wondering if it's possible to do my part 3 with an independent unit or even a diferent cap badge all together. I've spoken to my PSI and he's none the wiser on the subject.

Any help?
You should be able to to your Gap training at any of the regional training centres, if they have recruit Training wings,
We have up here in Scotlandshire, but it may be too far for you to travel to.
Yeah you can do it quite a few places. i did the 10 day one at at CVHQ REME in Bordon and im a medic. Quite a few ppl from my unit went there. Don't have the details but the CVHQ guys are scaled to take like 50 bods and they only had 5 when I went so I think you'll get on it (They had people from York and Newcastle coming down to fill the places!)
Good Luck mate

I was on the GAPS this year at AMSTC and they told us then that it was the last course they were running. Well worth looking into some alternatives!
Thanks for all the info there. I'm 335 MER(V) based at QEB.

Have had a devil of a time trying to get information on this as my PSIs, as brilliant as they usually are, have been out and about a lot lately so I'm seeking the wisdom elsewhere.

So, if I understand it correctly, I can do my Part 3 Gap just about anywhere that offers it?

Anyone know if there's a central list of course dates?
I doubt there is a central list, maybe check RTCs they should be able to tell you whats getting run in their area, we runn every 2nd week-end a variety of courses from GAP, travel claim could be a cracker though.

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