Is Para the way to go?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by parainwaiting, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    i am looking to join the paras and have my insight course soon with them.

    for a start could anyone who has done the insight course tell me what you do when you go to colchester to see them.

    Also i am just wondering whether to join the Rifles or the paras. Which would provide me with the best job opportunities? plus what do each regiment look for in a candidate in terms of physical/educational/mental attributes.

    i would be very grateful for any feedback.
  2. I attended the Parachute regiment insight course (held at Catterick) last november, and due to start my CIC in August.. I'l try and give a brief overview of what it was like for me.

    Friday night get the train up to Darlington, to be met by a couple of para reg corporals. After an age of waiting for other arrivals, we set off in a mini bus for a 20 minute trip to our barracks.

    Once everyone had arrived, there was a brief ice-breaker, where you introduce yourself, always interesting to find out about other peoples backgrounds etc. Then after the weekend is explained, your shown to the sleeping areas..

    Next morning its a fitness assessment, maximum pressups+situps in two minutes, then a mile and half run in the hills, jogged there as a warm up then timed best effort back - against the wind and freezing rain - apparently staff times were down by around 45 seconds!

    After a good feed at lunch, its the turn off the assault course, very tiring but good fun. Then a demonstration of field army kit, as well as parachute gear. In the evening you get to watch various demos of attacks in the woods, including a brilliant night-time ambush..

    In the evening your allowed in the naafi, we were told a 2 pint maximum (if over 18) which some people ignored to their peril the next day!

    Following morning up at around 0530 loaded onto a mini bus and driven to a cleared track for the log race. It was so dark we had to wait a bit for some sunlight.. Split into three teams your shown how to properly hold the log, and then made to lie on your belly in the grass for the start signal...GO! Picking up the log you think to yourself this isnt so heavy and you set off..And its not..for the first 10 seconds! After this its pure pain of burning lungs and aching thighs, just do your best to hold on and keep pushing forwards, the feeling once you get to the end is amazing.

    After that its back to sleeping areas for a bacon sarnie to clean the block and interviews with staff, where your efforts over the weekend are discussed and your given a mark out of 5, as well as a chance to ask any questions.

    All in all its well worth doing, for a true insight to the standards of the regiment and to meet other young lads interested as well as maybe compare your own efforts to them, to see how fit you are vs how fit you thought you were. We were constantly reminded that this was a tiny amount of the effort and hard work required at CIC, but if we wanted it badly enough we would do it!

    Hope this is helpful mate, I was nervous on the friday night but by sunday this had been swapped for the thought that if your determined then go for it, nothng can stand in your way, just never give up.
  3. I am thinking of doing an insight course, thanks for the info?
    How fit do they expect you to be? Up to p coy standards?
  4. No they wont expect you to be upto P coy standard, but they will expect you to be very fit.

    I attened one back in April and they test you on fitness from the very start. Just make sure you can reach over 10 on the bleep test, get under 9:40 on the 1.5 miler and can reach a good high score on the press ups and sit ups. Also make sure you can do at least 10 overhand pull ups.

    When i went there were some very unfit guys, and the Para's are happy enough to scream at them to push themselves. A few of them managed to do the 1.5 miler in over 13mins.

    Just make sure your fit as they split up the guys in to sections depending on fitness. This is important and can be very beneficial when it comes to the assult course and log run.
  5. The log race at one time used to be with a telegraph pole, now it is only a piddling little thing.
  6. When i did P-Coy the log was an 180 Ft Big Red.
    Weighed about 200 Tonn.
  7. Pah!


  8. I remember the log race as the hardest thing!. Lungs fit to burst and my legs turned to lead. Good fun though!
  9. That's not how i remember it! Emotional is one word that comes to mind particularly as, for about half of the race, there were only 4 of us on the log!
  10. You sure are right. I was one of them!!!
  11. I did a stretcher race the other day and found it quite hard, had to get it over an assualt course aswell.

    Whats the hardest test in P-Coy?
  12. Not perhaps the most physical, but the part where a lot of people failed was on the shuffle bars. Do they still do that????
  13. Does anyone hear know when the next Para itc intake is?

    I have been waiting since may to do selection because I was no wear near fit enough, im getting my 1.5 mile run near to 9.18 and wondering when I can do my selection and finally start getting beasted and run raggid across catterick! :D