Is PA Gay?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Let's examine the evidence shall we?

    Hangs around the recruit forum ready to take young thrusters under his wing.

    Seen regularly on the cadet forums to give avuncular advice.

    Objects to 'boob' threads on ARRSE and feels people should find their own porn.

    Worries about his weight and regularly swaps interior furnishing tips with Jarrod.

    Big mates with Sluggie even has a phone app specially for her.

    Most of all though Mrs MiT says he's a really nice bloke.

    So what is he? A Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen or a Gaylord Nightly-Thrusting?

    No polls and no truth - speculation only (they can't touch you for it).
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  2. To be fair, most of Big J's interior design tips involve moving stuff the dog can eat out of its reach!
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  3. PA is not gay.

    I asked him if he was as he was sucking me off.
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  4. PA got upset by Titties on a forum and would not touch some of the mature ladies pictured......i believe he hangs out of Jarrod in jarrod's special club........sorry I meant hangs around with Jarrod!

    This all points to up hill gardening!!
  5. Do you mean the happy and go lucky type or a Crafty Butcher?

    I cant work out who PA is but if he is looking at the MSR Superfly stove thinking it looks nice in pink then I speculate Jarrod isnt the only gay in the ARRSE Villiage.
  6. Who is PA?
  7. Your avatar makes me want to make little nooses from paracord and hang various household products from them titties. If she can take an Iron without any tears then I would like the choice of trying to insert it into her, or dropping it point first on her head. It isnt worthy of another thread but ive been thinking it for a while.
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  8. I have to confess we spent time in a gay club, neither of us pulled. He was great on the dance floor.
    I think he's just comfortable with his sexuality, his clothes all match, he's well groomed and has lots of female friends.
  9. Is PA Gay? Why surely not, What about the dalliance with the soft porn type bird in the eighties, then there was the marriage and two kids with the GWAR, not to mention the heroic and very manly helicopter flying in the Falklands. Oh, hang on a sec, are we on about the same bloke?
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  10. Confirmed then.
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  11. No, PE is gay, PA isnt as you proved.
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  12. Think you'll find that PA was only born in the Eighties.
  13. PA is clever boy for going to gay clubs looking for minge. They are wall to wall with female hairdressers and shop girls who think you are awesome when you tell them you afor the music and there's less agro'

    I've finger fucked many a lass in the cab home after trapping them in a gay club.

    And he's right. There's some fucking awful old, ugly bastards on the tit thread.

    And the pictures of the old women are shit as well ;-)
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  14. We were too busy chatting about this and that, happy in each others company.
  15. Were you wearing cardigans?
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