Is P COY really that easy?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 20/20, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi all I've posted this thread elsewhere but got abuse

    I'm new to this site and Im in the application process for both the Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment. I always wanted to join the Para's but Im really torn now as Ive heard that P Coy is just an attendence course and Id get a much greater sense of achievement by doing the commando course. Also, Ive heard that the Royal Marines are generally better trained and more competent at soldiering.

    Any Advice??
  2. You have posted this thread twice you pillock.
    Makes you a cert for the RAF Reg.
  3. You have just failed the intelligence test for the Parachute Regiment.

    Join the Marines.
  4. Why does searching for his previous posts not work?
  5. This is an Army website not a Navy website!
    If you want to hear people telling you to join the marines instead of the paras go to a navy/marines website mate, just an idea... :idea:
  6. Yup, Feck off to the Marines and let them play with you!
  7. So P Coy stands for easy as P!ss Coy. Now all is clear as mud. Hats off to anyne who takes on either P Coy or commando training.
  8. are you some kinda moron? my nan needs a window cleaner its obvious that licking windows is all your good for.
  9. P coy is hardly an attendance only course..

    Tbh, choosing your regiment is a personal thing. Go to both, and decide for yourself. They are both highly trained fighting forces, and do different things, so you it's hard to compare.
  10. You think so? Pass the course first and then tell us how easy it was. I am damned sure that the commando course is difficult, that does not mean para=easy.

    There are many difficult courses in the military. Join whatever you want to but do not think that any course you have not done means it is easy.
  11. P Company an attendence course, well if it was you mong we would all be cutting round with Wings on are arms now wouldn't we?
    Commando course now didn't some bird pass it?
  12. I suggest next time you see a para ask him if it is an "attendance course"

    Then you will get your answer.

    If you don't ask...don't get.
  13. Stupid question with stupid answers LOCKED...
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Not open for further replies.