Is Our Enemy Islam or Extremists?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. I am still mulling this over but thought it might be useful to post for others' opinions too. Let's try to keep comments on the issues and not degenerate into mere name-calling etc. that will bring the mods in.

  2. Both. Islam will one day be the only world religion.
  3. As suggested by the comparative population growth rates between muslims and others.
  4. And as suggested by Islamic law that the lesser jihad signifies warfare to establish the religion. It's their duty to restore God's religion.

    Though most Muslims, believe it or not, can't be arrsed to join this lesser jihad.
  5. It could be argued in line with the above posts that both religion (Islam) and extremists are the problem but IMHO, I'd plump for extremists. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people, as are Christians, Hindus etc (apologies to those excluded in the list but you know what I mean!). It's just some nutters who act like children and are brainwashed into believing that it is their God-given right to further their struggle by taking life. Bullys do something similar on a smaller scale! :twisted:

    Sorry chaps and chapesses, but that's no excuse for blowing up your fellow countrymen , women and children as they currently are doing in other countries. :twisted:

    Anyway, the weekend beckons, I am fortunate enough to be able to take 2 days off work and do some babysitting of grandchildren.

    May YOUR GOD go with you. :)
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  6. A more accurate question, given the context, might be "is our enemy Islam or Islamic Extremists".

    Wouldn't change my answer, though :wink:

    The Enemy is always those who would seek to put at risk our safety and security. Terrorist isn't always the correct label (criminal is another possibility, e.g. Chicago mobs in the '30s), but Extremist will almost always be accurate.

    And, as per the quoted article, the extremist can be anyone who has hi-jacked any cause, for his or her own perverse agenda.
  7. Agreed. And I'm sick of people on here who can't tell the difference between the two.
  8. Also, if it's so much of a fukking honour to blow ones-self and the unfortunate humans in the vicinity to kingdom come, why are those who advocate such pleasures not actually doing it themselves if it's so fukking good? :?

    Now that's a point for me to ponder for the weekend! 8O
  9. And the Koran states that "There shall be no compulsion in religion" (Chapter 2, Verse 257), so who are these jihadii trying to kid?
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  10. Nutters such as the whole of Great Britain in the Seventeenth Century? The English Civil war was mainly started due to religious differences. It's not that hard for normal everyday people to be 'brainwashed' by fanatics.
  11. I would add that if we have any hope of "prevailing" against the extremists we have to be able to make this distinction and IMHO, those of any faith, nation, group etc. who truly want peace (and I mean here the genuine article--not merely an absence of active hostilities) must openly and forcefully distance themselves from those "extremists" who claim allegiance to or otherwise invoke the name of a faith, nation, group etc. when committing their despicable acts.

    That this has not happened among some faiths, nations, ethnic groups etc. in the case of the so-called islamo-extremists in the last 30 years has contributed in large measure to this confusion of extremists with their claimed faith, nation, ethnic group etc.
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  12. religion is our enemy.... full of nutcrackers
  13. They don't need to kid anyone. The above verse is a verse from the Meccan period when Muhammed was powerless. It's annulled by the verses from Medina.

    Again, most muslims today rather quote the above verse than 4:89.
  14. Yep. I agree. Many wars and atrocities are directly due to religious beliefs.
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  15. Beneath that rough exterior, lies an intelligent man. 8O :D