Is OSCE post classed as an Op Tour?

Our sect/coy clerk are both posted so excuse the constant clerical support questions.

Quick one -

One of our lads is posted on an OCSE.

His spouse asked if she could get family members over with warrants.

However it needs actioned on JPA and he does not have access to it in the foreign country.

1. Is she entitled?
2. Is OSCE classed as an Op Tour?

Cheers fellas
Yes, I would have thought so. I was on an OCE Tour, (I assume that is what you meant) It was as an individual augmentee on TELIC so it was easy to work out.

Where is he actually serving?? He should be entitled to the same as everyone else out there, makes no difference if he has not gone with a unit.

Best bet is to speak to the OCE Admin Office at Chilwell, but not the Mobilisation Admin Office all claims should be done through them if you have no access to JPA.

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