Is optical healthcare included in the Army package?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ihavejamonmyjeans, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if the Army's medical care extends to optical care? So do we have our eyes tested and can we get prescriptions for glasses and contacts? Or do we have to sort it out ourselves? Sorry if this is a bone question. Cheers.
  2. There is a system in place for eye-test charges to be reimbursed.

    Unless things have changed, the only specs available are the issue 'Joe Ninety' version although there was some talk about getting an allowance towards the design of your choice- not sure if that has gone through or not.

    Support for contact lens is only for specific sub-groups where wearing glasses would impede ability to carry out task eg snipers, pilots etc. An SGPL (Surgeon General's Policy Letter) published in autumn 2008 updates the JSP 340 and contains all you need to know. Available through DMSD website.

  3. Do you have a link to a pic of the "Joe ninety's"? Thanks a lot mate.
  4. They look like this but not so stylish...
  5. [​IMG]

  6. They look ok. I heard we have to wear the Army issue ones in phase 1.
  7. Ha ha, they don't seriously look like that do they? Is there a pic of the actual Army issue specs? I can't find one.
  8. I doubt it, but i also doubt anyone will care what you look like in shitty budget glasses either.
  9. Very true but I'm still curious about what they look like :D
  10. They look awful, but the army isn't a fashion parade!! I had a pair issued in phase one but didn't have to wear them. Best used as a back up pair to be honest!! You wont be getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex by wearing them down the local!! :D
  11. There is also provision for an individual who requires Spectacles because of the use of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) to get upto £60 back for the purchase of their own goggles. The criteria for obtaining this is fairly strict, If someone reminds me I'll find the relevant references and the form tomorrow.
    No need for sex offender specs if you meet the conditions, and your 'line manager' signs to say you use DSE alot.

    The sex offender glasses are good for exercises, ranges and for those who need a spare pair (LGV drivers and anyone who drives for APHCS) they are perfect as they come in a hard case and are free.
  12. well you may get alot of attention to be fair, just maybe for the wrong reasons.
  13. For those you wish to attempt to get some money back when buying their own glasses then this could be of some help.

    For those with Dii take a look for JSP 375 vol 2 - Health and Safety Manual, leaflet 24, annex A, Page 6

    or click here

    I can't find a copy of the form (MOD form 1003) required to apply for it at the moment.