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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by squirt, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. Could anyone please explain to me the full job description of an IS op? I always considered retrading to it but to be honest, all I know about the trade is that it involves networking. What's the promotion like and would I actually be able to retrade to it as I am a spec op (pay bands and such)?

    Any info's appreciated. Cheers. :)
  2. Here's the Basics

    Theres no reason why you cant re-trade from Spec Op, theres already several ex Spec Ops in the trade.

    The trade is higher pay band (except, strangely, WO1).

    Give your RCMO a ring, they should be able to answer your questions fully. Be aware that you will be required to re-trade at class 3 now, i think the direct entry to the class 1 course is going to finish.

  3. To a point yes, but only at the software/application layer.

    The physical layer of LAN`s and WANs is your Inst tech.

    If you see your self specifically in IT hardware/software then IS Op is the one for you, but if you want to get into networks (the planning and installation of) then go for Inst Tech.
  4. Well I chose spec op because I thought it was an IT based trade but it isn't really and the trade seems to be going down the pan in the long run, so I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of my career as I don't want to sign off. Cheers for all your help! :wink:
  5. Disco,

    does it not depend on which unit you are at? Techs have absolutely no say in our place on network topology, they just manage "the cloud".
  6. Im talking purely the physical layer, as in the trunking and cable. Although you may have Sys Eng and Is Eng who may have attended their Cat5 and Fibre Optic course you require the Inst Tech to succesfully intergrate voice and data systems.

    Some units do lack Inst Tech support so cross pollination of skills is important and it makes us as a Corps more flexable, but my point to squirt was to help him/her understand that the whole "IT" thing expands across multiple trades as opposed to 1 pure IT soldier.

  7. How long does it take to move from class 3 to your class 2 as an IS op then? Also, what is the promotion like, i.e. in comparison to the spec op trade?

    Thanks again.
  8. Class 3 - Class 1 will be like the other trades. After class 3, working on your 3-2 workbook, then an entrance exam for Class 1, then the class 1 course.

    Promotion wise, at the moment the roster seems to be quite healthy, with plenty of throughput at the various ranks. Be aware that there isnt any "timed" promotion in the IS Engr roster.

  9. Hey listen - everything involves networking these day - how do you think the freemasons became so big?

    I find it a teensy bit suprising that a RSignals soldier (Spec Op out of trg = NCO?) has not got a clue about what the other trades do! If all you know about the IS Engr (not IS Ops any more) trade is that it involves networking then perhaps you need to be looking at a wider scope. If it's simply a matter of getting out of wobblyland then remember that there's a whole bunch of good trades out there.

    There's probably a Supvr IS or IS SNCO in your unit (most but not all DISI units will have them) - ask your Tp Staffy. Then ask him/her about the IS roles - some of which are pretty varied, from rolling out PC systems to HQs, IT helpdesk duties and running a local area network, to some pretty high-end digitisation and wide area networking projects. It all depends on the location - and your ability.

    Ultimately, IS Engr is a good up-and-coming trade but it's not for everyone. I've known guys who've regretted the crossover as they transferred for the wrong reasons, though others (incl quite a few spec ops) have really enjoyed the broadened job specs. PM me if you want any more info.

  10. It's quite funny actually, I've never come in contact with the IS op trade and don't know many people who know about it. It was simply something I had considered when I was first deciding on a trade within the army, but if i recall correctly, you couldn't join as a direct entrant - Or did I make that up??? :?
  11. Location = South Wales.

    Wouldn't be 14 SR(EW), would it.......if so, there is an IS Cell within TM Tp, with IS Engrs in it!