IS op's

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by S_A_P, May 18, 2004.

  1. yes geek

  2. no unique


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  1. S_A_P

    S_A_P Guest

    IS op's geek or unique? Pasty faced firewall talking server building nonces. Or super intelligent future of the army?
  2. bigbadjimmyp

    bigbadjimmyp Old-Salt

    S.A.P.....Once again you demonstrate that your grasp on current affairs is as tenuous as your, strangely fitting alias.
    IS Ops do not exist anymore, or have you been asleep under your rock for the last month or so??
    Now, the trade formally referred to as IS Operator (or geeks to those who got rejected, or are 17 year lance jacks with a CLAIT qual, and think they are Bill Gates) has recently changed to IS Engineer- the reason should be obvious- even to one of room temperature IQ such as your good self.

    How many people who have whined about IS Engineers, have put their papers in for the IS trade and got told to DO ONE by MCM div?

    1. Most

    2. A few

    3. None

    Hmmmm hard one that.... which catagorie do you fall into SAP?
  3. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    I think you find he falls into category one
  4. S_A_P

    S_A_P Guest

    I'll let the pole speak for itself. And as for your rebuff it shows how geeky you are!!
  5. bigbadjimmyp

    bigbadjimmyp Old-Salt

    I think the term is "retort", and it is a "poll" not a "pole", although you might be more familiar with the latter.
    It is not geeky in the slightest to be able to communicate in ones own language.
    Or are you simply practicing "unemployed speak" for your resettlement?
  6. S_A_P

    S_A_P Guest

    yeah whatever. I just hope that you put as much time in your work as you do into this and looking for people spelling mistakes.
    And one can kiss my fat hairy ass!!
  7. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    Geek or Unique? Unique, kind of like that - Geek, no longer an insult. As for being pasty faced and white - have you ever seen a Spec Op :)
  8. priory_of_sion

    priory_of_sion Swinger

    who says geek is bad most geeks are millionares

    geek is the new coool 8)
  9. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    True, geeks get invited to the party -and can hold their own - although they still need to make a social statement.

    Nerds, they get invited to the party and everyone gives them a wedgie. Oracle DBA's take note :wink:
  10. Redshaggydog

    Redshaggydog War Hero

    boney - pissing in the fridge was better. The breasts look at bit geeky.
  11. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    The're a reminder of what i cant get :wink:
  12. polar

    polar LE

    That'd be Mrs Tango's breasts?
  13. Goodfella

    Goodfella Old-Salt

    Hmmm, so then S_A_P, what is your trade exactly? I agree that people who moan about IS Engrs are in fact jealous of the wealth of knowledge that the majority of us have acquired during our time within this trade. This wealth of knowledge will no doubt be priceless when the time comes for us to go out into the big wide world of Civvy Street. So what will YOU be doing in civvy street?

  14. Now now...let's not cheapen the argument to petty squabbling about civvy quals. That's one of the reasons that many of the brethren (and sistren?) in the IS roster are often resented. We should be using quals to add value to the service we provide, not to feather our own nests.

    ...sorry, I'm doing a business studies course at the moment. I can't help myself!

    PD :D
  15. deep_blue

    deep_blue Swinger

    I think you'll find that S_A_P is a rather poor excuse for a VERY young and inexperienced individual who is trying, and I have to say having some success, to upset the aplle cart and turn ARRSE into a bitchin forum instead of the home for rational debate.

    Or is he just a jumped up little Sh*t?

    You decide