Is one of you lot moonlighting?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KnifeFightingMonkey, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. I am ready to take bets on which user this is.

    And before anyone starts it can't be me coz I'm a bit taller :D
  2. Okaaay, KFM, just how did you 'come across' a site like that?
  3. Strangley enough, I was searching google for "gay men who like motorbikes and have an army fetish". You can't imagine my suprise when this cheeky fellow appeared on my screen. :wink:
  4. And why exactly were you searching for said sites...a proclivity to having you star fish punctured 8O
  5. Only if you buy me a babycham :D
  6. Oh, my, my..

    Its so nice to see a man who knows exactly what he wants in life..
    Japanses knot tying and bondage ropes while doing push ups naked in the snow..

    The mind boggles and I can't get the images out of my head.

    Nurse!!.. more medicnial brandy..stat!!
  7. The "internet profiles" link is really scary.

    Do you think his mum knows?
  8. Maybe his mum joins in 8O
  9. You fcuking wierdo.
  10. I am fcuking worried, I am changing my name in case I get stalked 8O
  11. Sorry Biscuits - I meant to say maybe your mum joins in :twisted:
  12. Fckuing wierdo.
  13. I just hope that when KnifeFightingMonkey 'came across' this website, he gave his keyboard and monitor a good wipe-down afterwards.
  14. Mmm, I read this reference: and I just know that I recognise the writing style from somewhere on Arrse.... Come on, confess..

    (I'll tell you what, though. This guy seems to know his subject. Depth, breadth: outstanding.)