Is Obama a Leader of the Free World?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. He is the best leader of the free World indecades

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  2. He is a good leader

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  3. His leadership is rather formal

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  4. He is not a leader of the Free World at all

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  5. Obama is a disaster. He doesn't lead but mislead the Free World.

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  1. Hu Jianto - Paramount Leader of The People's Republic Of China, in a few years time he'll be worshiped like Tesco and taken over just the same!
  2. When was the President of the US the leader of the free world? I can't remember voting for him, or anyone in the UK, Germany, France etc voting him leader of the free world. He is the leader of the US, thats all.
  3. It's an interesting topic for debate, though. The US still has a central position in the world's economic and political institutions and that's not likely to change any time soon since a stable international system serves too many interests at the moment. On the other hand, it's finding itself less capable of shaping events and that system according to its own unilateral wishes than ever before.

    The international states-system is certainly surviving despite - some would say strengthening because of - the changes of the last decade. The US position within it is reduced in relative terms as other nations are increasingly able to make their preferred global policies reality but in absolute terms it's still dominant and effectively indispensable.
  4. The US President has been the de facto leader of the free world since the end of WWII. The United States has, since the end of the war, occupied the same position that Britain occupied before the war - they are the world's pre-eminent military and economic power.

    Now, with a freshman Senator in the White House who is as near to a socialist as you're ever going to get in American politics and, god help us, President Palin waiting in the wings as the right wing backlash gathers pace, that could all be about to change. I do believe that the Second World War is finally coming to an end.

    Your comments about voting are entirely correct but, then again, nobody ever claimed that the free world is a democracy.
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  5. The POTUS has not been the leader of the free world since the fall of the Berlin wall. With the USSR gone the postion practically vanished. You could see traces of it in Bush senior's and Bill Clintons terms. It wasn't really clear how illusory it was until Bush junior moseyed confidently into the Whitehouse and was bushwhacked by 9-11. The resident of the Oval Office is now simply the worlds most powerful leader.

    Domestically a timid moderate much like Clinton Barry in foreign policy terms he has resembled Bush in actions if not words. He's more easily rolled than his patrician predecessor. Boehner, Bibi and Petraeus have all found him a pushover. Over Libya he's acted against US interests by being involved in the european sideshow at all. He appears to have been compelled by Sarko, Dave and some bleeding hearts in his team. Limiting his involvement in Sarko's war is one of the few wise things he has done. In allowing Paris and London to care for this likely tar baby he preserves his already stretched resources for the bigger game ahead.
  6. Obama can't even lead himself decisively
  7. ...he's done more U turns than an aboriginal's boomerang!
  8. Agility can be a virtue in a politician, wild eyed resolution can be disastrous, Bush junior's awful first term comes to mind. Both De Gaulle and Thatcher were masters of the graceful U-turn. Dave is prone to more of a handbrake aided defensive driving maneuver, worked so far but he's going to wreck the gearbox one of these days. Barry just seems to be cruising around the same block getting nowhere. The man does not know where he's going.
  9. Surely Mrs PotUS is the real power behind the throne?
  10. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    There is no such thing as a free world. Its very expensive. Its also quite changeable. Czech Republic used to be something quite different to what it was and for the country's betterment.

    For me Obama is a very capable politician and President. He hasnt yet been sucked into the morass that Libya has the capability to be. He has also avoided the problem that CMD has not quite acheived - Both took over from incompetents. Both POTUS Bush and PM Blair and Swamper Brown knew the economy would go nipples skyward as it was unsustainable. It has come to pass. CMD has managed to make a dogs' breakfast of what was handed to him. Obama hasnt made the best of it certainly, but has done the best for the USA, not necessarily the "free world"
  11. But will Barry beat GOP poll leader Donald Trump???
    A busted billionaire birther could be the the ideal candidate but not with such bad hair. Septics are picky about such things.
  12. Is Medvedev even the Leader of Russia?
  13. I enjoy these hand wringing posts of Sergey's. I hope they are not typical of most Russian's as they reek of the wanton former halcyon days in the empire and a desperate need of perceived relevance.

    Barry is not the world leader, in fact, he's not the leader of the US. No president is really.

    For that you need to find the lobbyist groups, there is the real power behind the US. Barry is just the front man to a much more complicated machination.

    And no, I'm not talking about the alien abduction zionist super secret Illuminati either, just the every day run of the mill corporate ones.
  14. Palin will never be a nominee again, that time is past. She does however have the resources to be a "Kingmaker" behind the scenes, just like Dean.