Is Nuneaton the new Royston Vasey?

Is Nuneaton the new Royston Vasey?

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I have to work there for the next couple of years and whilst I wont buy a house there I will have to rent!


CmdChicken said:
Voted No, but only because last I checked it had an ASDA open 24hours, which is awesome.
The sidings next door are known as ASBO sidings for some reason. The local farmers hate the town dwellers for some very good reasons. I personally find food shopping in asda distubing!
Houses are cheap to rent, and its well-connected with accessible escape routes to most other parts of the country. Locals tend to fight with each other lots, crime is high (I had 1 car stolen, 1 vandalised, and was burgled during my living-out phase there)...

Nice and cheap to go on the lash though - I lasted nearly 2 years living there after I got out!
ugly said:
I personally find food shopping in asda distubing!
You're not the only one: I think that ASDA is a target rich environment for Shortfuse's Mong Collection Agency.

As for Nuneaton, I spent 3 years in Coventry which I thought was Odd Squad Central till I visited my friend at her home in Nuneaton. Then again, her husband came from Bedworth (pronounced Bed-uth) and both of them said that that place made Nuneaton look like a heaving metropolis! :?
In that case, can I change my vote because the Dunelm Mill store is shyte(Mrs. BigDick made me go there), the road from Nuneaton to Atherstone is horrendous, I don't like the speed cameras on the A5 because (according to my Snooper), they are usually active; the A5 is shyte, Nuneaton is a stupid name; when my car got nicked it turned up in Nuneaton; there's no beach; the women are generally ugly winter-boob-tubers; the town centre is poxy; its too close to Coventry for my liking; the signs to Tamworth actually take to Water Orton.

The trip to Dunelm Mill with Mrs. BigDick really has left me scarred for life. I am now receiving psycological help with dealing with curtains. I am told they are not for wiping your dick on after sex - this has left me confused and frightened.
feckin shiotehole too many chav's in nova's and wannabe mini goth's littering the streets, shite clubs millenuims (sp) and liberty's plus a hugely crap chicago rock, the place makes its near neighbour coventry look good
First post (Was going to make a comment about being an ARSE virgin losing my cherry and then realised the horrible inevitability of receiving witty japes regarding my sexuality. Stop it! ) Bludy marvelous site. Congratulations to the originators. I shall shortly make a donation and get me a medal. Only one I'm likely to get for a while as my ex employer prevented me from going to the sandy place with the rest of my mob (Grrr! - see the 5 things I hate thread!)

As for Nuneaton - Never lived there thankfully, but its definitely a hole. Lived in Atherstone though - which is definitely the new Royson Vasey: It's bypassed by the A5 and the last 40 odd years of civilisation's development. There are precious few escape routes, the local population are dominantly in-bread carrot munchers and vicky pollard look alikes with Warwickshire accents who love nothing more than to kick shit out of each other on Long Street of a Saturday night, and everything closes early unless you're a 'local'. The 21 pubs within 2km of my old flat served passable real ale (if your into that sort of thing) but walk in on your own without being recognised as a local and watch the tumbleweed bounce accross the room through the stoney silence! Tamworth is a damn site better - well connected, half decent shops and facilities, and even a couple of bars worth a look (just avoid The Cube nightclub: jailbait, and The Embassy: cattlemarket).


whitenoisebabies said:
feckin shiotehole too many chav's in nova's and wannabe mini goth's littering the streets, shite clubs millenuims (sp) and liberty's plus a hugely crap chicago rock, the place makes its near neighbour coventry look good
Ah yes Chicago Rock where we unfortunately held our staff Christmas do, needless to say we wont be going back again. The 25 stone gorilla in the gents with his cacks round his ankles screaming at us whilst baring his meat and 2 veg was the straw that encouraged me to E&E to the taxi rank. I'll be living near Atherstone, not in it but W*therly nearby! Arrsers welcome by arrangement. Atherstone though is a notch up from Padstow where I lost my sanity, freedom and oh no virginity was in Newquay outside the youth club, summer of 1980!
The town of Grantham has improved 100pc with the opening of the Domino's opposite McD's, which says a huge amount for the town. My ex went up this w/e just gone, and a carpet warehouse went up, which is the most interesting that has happened since Morrisons opened. The ONLY good thing about Grantham is that it's an hour and a quarter to Kings Cross.


warrydave said:
nuneaton............... bramcote! JLRRA, the good old days................................... no, on reflection it was f*cking awful..........
You fellas telling me we had bases and depots near here? Probably explains the high Munter count at Asda!
LOL Nuneaton is a sh*t tip. The indigenous population are in bred. Its a crap night out. Its full of pikeys and chavs. And if anyone would care to verify this. The next town, Bedworth is even more so in bred, infact there is a "cluster" of a people with a very interesting blood disorder that was original spread around europe by the roman legions. In most places now there hardly any trace of it but in Bedworth there are enough people to form a sizable research database. And its basically because the locals have been local for nearly 2000 year. They dont go anywhere they hardly ever move away they just stay local.
Aaaah Dungeaton. It was never the same since they closed the crazy horse, aka the bonking donkey.
I took on the local curry houses there by eating their supposedly unconsumable 'suicide phal'.
It was nothing that watching Zulu and drinking 12 pints of continental lager beforehand couldn't sort out.

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