Is nowhere on Planet Earth safe from ARRSE ???

Inconsequentionally I have noticed that several posts have come from various corners of the world.
Question how far has ARRSE penetrated?
Home, Cumbrian Borders
Work, Warri - Nigeria

Now you suckers fill in the rest of the planet.
home : Scotland

Work : Suffield
Previously : Kandahar, Bastion, Basrah, Shatt, Palace etc.....
Shortly : Some sandy place - Iran???
Home: Waipawa Noo Zulland.

Work: Hastings Noo Zild.

Retirement: Whitsundays OZ
Home - Winchester

Work - A bit of a wander around Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy/Kuwait but mainly Germany.
Home Stroud, Gloucester

Now Batam Island, Indonesia
There's probably quite a few of us lurking in the Nigerian undergrowth, but keeping quiet about it. I'm in the not-exactly-upmarket bit of Apapa, Lagos, right now.

Got to make a buck somehow...


Book Reviewer
Home - Gods Own Country. Although its all a bit up in the air since God is morphing from Alan Shearer into Sam Allerdyce at the moment.

Work - UK and Europe mostly A trip to South America is on the cards later this year if I can swing it.

Previously - all over the shop but up the Hindu Kush is a fair hike from the local Spar. And floating on a boat in Kashmir was pretty. Hand grenade fishing may not catch on up the Tweed though.
Home - Porridgeland.
Work - India and points East on a regular basis. Vietnam later this year if the Gods smile on me, Kazakstan or Nigeria if they don't.
Other - Mostly annual trips to the in-laws in Lanzhou, PRC.
Home: Ireland
Work: Wiltshire-miles from the fcuking sea

I think I may have upset god at some stage....

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