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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by querytoarrse, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Looking through all the doom and gloom articles (especially on the news about the British Army and TA especially is now a good time to join the TA RLC as an officer. I do not particularly wish to join if in a few months time the unit gets shut down or looses budget (after last time) again. I don't wish to sign on the dotted line if in a few years I find myself working with a unit I don't want to be in just cause the contract says I have to stay there till time is done (and what happens if god forbid the TA ceases to be). I have been thinking for a while and even went on a couple of visits just before the proverbial brown stuff hit the fan... Selfish as it may be I am seeking an answer.
  2. There's no sense in letting doom and gloom stop you from making decisions. Life goes on and collective positive action could stem the negative tide.

    How do you know that unit won't provide you with something beyond what you can currently imagine?

    Just my humble two pennies worth.
  3. FFS its the TA not the Foriegn Legion! They can't make you stay and do nasty things to you (any more).

    Have a go. If you spit your dummy out, just leave. I suspect until you have a go you won't know either way will you?

    As you can't make a decision I reccomend being an officer in the RLC
  4. Do it. Seriously you have nothing to lose and no contract we sign within the TA is that binding. As for units closing, moving, changing, that's part of the uncertainty that all have to bear on a constant basis, it's nothing new and nothing that poses a significant issue on how we operate on a daily basis. Indeed, if you feel you have the right stuff to be an officer, then the expectation of being able to function, and lead, in circumstances with unknown outcomes is inherent part of the job. However, if you feel that working in an environment which is actively dynamic, then the TA and for that matter the Army proper, isn't for you. Personally apart from the MS burden, I like the challenge that change throws at us. :-D