Is now a good time to be joining the Army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andrewb19, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Considering that a lot of people are predicting and saying that public services (inc HM Forces) are to be cut due to the ever growing government debt and the talk about withdrawing troops from both theaters, especially Iraq (less troops required), does this mean that now is a bad time to join?

    Or, will it go the other way, and the Army will be flooded with new recruits being made unemployed?
  2. The outage will always out number the input
    I have noticed a lot of Guys Rejoining but as for floods of recruits I havent seen a rise yet. Its a steady trickle of guys coming through the doors.
    With the various new iniatives from the army we are improving the idea that the Armed Forces is a good choice rather than a last choice.
  3. The Army's apparently short of people and I don't think there's any chance of us being cut at the minute - we may lose some of our new equipment or have it 'mark time' for a couple of years but cutting troop numbers even further would be political suicide at the moment in my opinion.
  4. these things go round in the circles, the goverment made cuts in the 90s then realised that it needed to grow again, and with the ongoing operations, i very very much doubt that any cuts will be made.
  5. Is now a good time to join the army? Absolutely - business is, er, booming....

    Anyone joining now will still get more active service in their first few years than entire careers saw a couple of decades ago. And the welfare of soldiers and their families is rising in the political agenda - so not only will you have a more interesting time, but hopefully any family you collect along the way will get a better deal in terms of housing, education and waiting lists.
  6. Do you want to serve in the army or not? You get very little choice as to when you are born, and therefore when you hit the right age bracket to join.

    If you are fully committed to a career in the army then go for it, and good luck. If you're umm-ing and ah-ing about whether it is the right "time" as opposed to the right career, then perhaps you should consider an alternative career.
  7. I've recently been seeing an awful lot of people rejoining the Army after having previously left. Some are old friends from the regiment, some are approaching the recruiting team, some are walking into the ACIOs. All share the same sentiment- better to be in than out. Life can be bloody hard in civvie street after leaving the forces, not so much the workrate, but certainly the routine.
    People I have spoken to are sick of the BS that being a civvy brings with it, and miss the cameraderie that being a soldier brings. One of the guys on the recruiting team I work with was out of the Army a while back, worked on the buses, and got back in. He missed the job, and the lads. For him, like many others, a life outside of the forces just isn't a feasible option.
    I myself had my notice in only last year, but was sent recruiting to 'recharge the batteries' as it were, and during my time here I've realised that life in the Army is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. As a direct result of seeing the current state of employment and pay prospects should I leave, I have decided to stay in for as long as possible- I've got it good, and it will only get better.
    I can't see any cuts being made myself, quite the opposite in fact. I predict that the Conservatives will come into power in the next elections, and after the way they have been ranting about the way labour has dealt with Iraq, Afghanistan and the forces in general, they will have no choice but to improve the forces pay, benefits, standard of living, etc.
    I actually assess that now would be a brilliant time to get into what is already a brilliant career choice, that from this point can only get better.

    That's my serious post for the week dealt with!
  8. That first point is a good one.. I'm 16 and joining right now... When I leave its going to be a bit of a shock having never experienced adult life outside the army.
  9. The conservatives will have no choice but to increase pay and benefits?? That's a bit niave.

    Since when does spouting off to win votes ever materialise into hard, tangible stuff?

    They would get into power and then moan about how Labour have neglected the forces for 10 years and they can't afford to rectify the mistakes quickly (a la Labour and education, NHS etc...). Maybe get a 1% better pay rise and then state normal.
  10. yes but the general idea that when conservatives get into power it will be better than labour, even if it isnt greatly better 1.1 is still better than 1.0

    i start training on sunday so i dont yet know from personal expierance, but my opinion is that now is an extremely good time to join the army especially as the cost of living in civvy has taken a major blow with the prices of basic living
  11. It's always a good time to join - free clothes, free food, new friends, lots of travel (mostly to places you don't want to vist - like going on holiday with your parents as a teenager!), opportunities for sport, adventure training and learning skills that civvies would rarely have the chance to do.

    The trade offs are the things people talk about everywhere - slightly less freedom, slightly less pay than an equivalent civvi job (whatever that is - but you get better benefits), doing as you're told.

    For me all of the trade off points don't equal the good stuff. At the moment good stuff wins!
  12. I joined at 16 and left at 30 after many wonderful years. I, unlike others, have found civ-div very accommodating and the transition was relatively smooth. If you want to join do it. You are only young once and in many years time you will be able to sit back with he knowledge that you have done something incredibly hard, worthwhile and rewarding whilst all of your civvy peer group got on with crap menial 'careers' with little satisfaction in them.
  13. The army will always be the army, its just a case of how soon you will deploy etc..
  14. I work a 9-5 office job and get paid a lot more than a squadie... I hate my job! There is no job satisfaction and I achieve next to nothing on a day to day basis.

    It’s always a good time to join the Army imo.
  15. Think on the flipside though, how would you feel if your free time was a nickname for admin time? All good stuff though