Is nothing sacred?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pling, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Those that know me know I am not Mr IT so I cant do a linky thing! Just read this in my local paper and am very pi@@ed off!!!

    Rector slams Norfolk British Legion flag thieves

    Revd Andrew Beane, Rector of Spixworth, St Faiths and Crostwick - British Legion standard stolen

    28 November 2008 11:40

    A Norfolk vicar today accused thieves of “dishonouring the memory of dead soldiers” after they stole a Royal British Legion (RBL) standard from a church.

    The standard representing the Spixworth branch of the RBL was taken last night from St Peter's Church at Spixworth, near Norwich.

    The Rev Andrew Beane, rector of Spixworth, St Faiths and Crostwick, said: “It is an utter disgrace that not only thieves desecrated the church, but stole something so precious to so many people who lost husbands, parents or children during the wars.

    “The standard is not just some flag it is a symbol of remembrance and its theft is a dishonour to the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in this 90th year of remembrance.”

    Mr Beane said the Spixworth branch of the RBL had closed and the standard had since been “laid up” in the church.

    He added: “We try to keep the church open as much as possible to enable people to visit our very beautiful and unique 900-year-old building.

    “It is used by members of the community as a place of peace and reflection and outrageous acts of theft like this put this opening in jeopardy.”

    The latest theft follows a spate of incidents at the three churches under Mr Beane's care.

    He said churches were often targets for thieves or vandals, but added that he felt the incidents were often “ignored or disregarded and listed as 'other'” on police reports.

    “Our parish churches are public buildings and places of hospitality and welcome for the community. Churches are living and vibrant buildings which not only serve the communities in so many practical and spiritual ways, but hold precious memories of the past.

    “Perhaps if the thieves have parents, grandparents, or great grandparents who fought in the wars they might just consider their actions and think about what they have done.”
  2. It´s OK, the scum who did this tell me they are "sorry, guv, init".

    So that´s alright then.

    Birch em, then chain them outside of the churc to apologise to all who wish it.
  3. Fill them in, in the middle of a busy high street in Wigan. :D
  4. drill steel bolts into their elbow and knee joints then link them up to a 12 volt battery and watch them dance
  5. Don't do that, the CCTV operators will catch you at it.... do it in Eccles, I'll move the cameras so that it's missed.
  6. Why would anybody steal an RBL standard?

    I think there is more to this story than just mindless theft. Perhaps it was 'liberated' by some misguided individual, an ex-RBL member with some sort of grudge perhaps?
  7. They seem to be targeting the churches rather than the RBL specifically. The one where the standard was stolen from was desecrated and 3 other churches in the area have been hit by a spate of attacks recently according to Evening News 24.
    It is Norfolk though...
  8. misguided? The guy is so fcuking lost, he isn´t even on the planet if that is the case.

    The RBL det in question is now shut down, so it is possible that a nutjob has taken teh standard in to custody.... but a serviceman or woman would know that old standards live in churches, often the capbadges church, or a church of significance.

    In line with the openess of the church, and the other acts of descreation in the area, my money is on a toe rag or two thinking "shiny" and not having a fcuking clue what they are about to do.

    What´s the betting we get some scrote in a few days time saying "Sorry guv, init, we thught it woz the boys brigade flag, init. we iz well gutted and all that. we wouldna ave tuched it if we´d nown it wuz for dem old geysers dat fought in da war, init".

    Just like that little sh1t who descreated the war memorial a few weeks back.

    The standard best not be damaged, or I suggest it comes out of the theives pockets to replace or repair.
  9. The scum are bound to turn up at the local surplus shop trying to flog "flag grandad liberated from Germans" or some such. :roll:

    Bang to rights I would say , but only now the story is out the scrotes are bound to realise lack of profit and dump it in the nearest bin :pissedoff:

    Fecking scum know the value of absolutely nothing :pissedoff:
  10. Good news! It seems that after a lot of local publicity the Scum have had their conscience pricked (or suddenly realised they are due a big kicking) as the standard has been handed in to the Police undamaged.