Is nothing sacred?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joker62, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. You nasty person.
  2. Seems yours might have gone missing but did find this one on the petition page:-
    Name: Jennie Vincent on Aug 7, 2012
    Comments: "as a Dr, i delivered dead twins. I had to fist them to use as boxing gloves to fight off there grieving parents" come on Fb. Post it out. Surely that's paedophillia. Sick sick sick

    I can't believe the daft bint copied it.
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  3. Found on the FB page

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  4. Do babies go to heaven? Imagine millions of the cnuts up there, dribbling on themselves and crying all day! Cnuts!
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Bet you couldn't eat a whole one...
  6. Not with chips no!
  7. My twin brother/second personality mudbutton signed it. He left a lovely comment as well. The insensitive cunt.
  8. Another

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  9. John Tate Its a page that sick fuckers like you dicks need 2 realise you all need a good hiding and am willing 2 knock some sence into the lot ov you heartless bastards you all dnt seem 2 realise there are ppl who have lost there child and 2 make pathetic jokes like that its bang out ov order and theres a limit and this is way way out ov line let me tell u 1 thing when u grow up thats a if i hope 2 god it happens 2 you and the sick joke will be on each and every 1 ov you then lets see whos gna be jokeing round let me tell u am gna wrag u till u understand wot pain and upsetment you may ov caused 2 thease ppl and im discustied with the lot ov you scum.
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  10. Jeremy Mcquire Hello,

    I am Posting today to express my anger as I am OUTRAGED and I will tell you all why..

    9 Months ago my wife found out she was expecting and after all the years we have not been able to conceive this was a blessing, our miracle baby all those nights praying for a child god had finally heard our pleas, our tears and our pain he had granted us our wish

    a month ago my wife miscarried and I tell you it was the most pain either of us had ever felt,

    Last night I came home and found my wife was in tears she had stumbled upon this page and was distraught about the jokes that have been posted,

    I have to admit I was furious...

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  11. Not in one sitting, but they do freeze well. Shouldn't this be in the Cookery forum?
  12. Have plod arrested anyone yet?