Violence in Bundeswehr Deployment Area Increases Dramatically

By Matthias Gebauer

The slayings of six development aid workers and three attacks against the German military in four weeks underscore the "alarming developments" in Northern Afghanistan, warns the head of the German Army, the Bundeswehr. The area of German deployment once believed to be safe is turning into a powderkeg.

A German soldier in Afghanistan: The mission is getting more dangerous by the day.
It was a dark Wednesday for the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan. First, a car laden with explosives managed to wedge its way between an armoured Wolf jeep and a Mungo truck near Kunduz at 6:35 p.m. Then the driver detonated a bomb. It was only by chance that nothing terrible happened in Esakhail that evening
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Taliban/Al-qadea are taking the war to previous "peaceful " parts of Stan. I think this is more aimed at trying to make the Germans leave rather than a sudden love for the Taliban in northern Stan.
onThe Taleban - under their previous guise as Mujahadeen - gave the Soviets the run around in just this way: ihitting where things are quietest and so forcing a move of troops from where the actions been happening. The interesting question is whether we, the Dutch, or the Canadians will pull people out of the south to reinforce the Germans until their QRF is fully operational.
The Taliban were a creation of the ISI and as a group did not fight the Soviets. It needs better information gathering to spot these people not a redeployment of fighting troops.
The question is will the Germans reinforce their position should it be necessary. If they won't it will send a clear signal to the Taliban
Agreed that ISI created the Taleban, but the point is that their tactics are the same as the Mujahadeen (whose sons in many cases are now Taleban).

And yes, we do need better info gathering, but the point is the Germans' QRF isn't ready and, if we're not careful or they don't get a move on, we'll end up having to move north or lose control of it. Either of those outcomes would suit the Taleban just fine.
I don't think that we will see the same level of insurgency in northern Stan as the south. Support for the Taliban is no way near as strong.
My point about improving information gathering would help neutralize these individuals from carrying out these attacks in the first place. They would stick out like a sore thumb in the local towns and villages.
The Germans need to be out and about and working with and improving the local police to help combat this development
If I was fighting the west I would send my troops to hit soft targets too.

It makes tactical sense.

What should be more worrying is if the "coalition planners" haven't thought of it or are not prepared to adapt.

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