Is New Labour ruining Scotland’s reputation?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Is New Labour ruining Scotland’s reputation?

    I was brought up to like the Scots and to respect their undoubted contribution to Humanity united under the Flag of Great Britain – The Magnificent RegimentS, the Scientists, the Engineers, the able administrators throughout Empire. I enjoyed Holidays there, I had a few of their feisty women and even spent an educational weekend drinking the Saracens Head in Glasgow.

    However twice recently long established ARRSER Biscuits AB has accused me of bigotry in the way I had casually criticised my Scottish Brethren.

    After undergoing a period of re-education and self criticism for my thought crimes I realised that Biscuits AB was right I now have a problem with the Scots and the reason why is obvious.

    For the past ten years a yoke of self serving Evil has held the reins of the UK, the majority of this cabal has been Scottish ne’er-do-wells unable to find honest employment in their home regions, feeding on the corpse of Labours proud traditions.

    Every time somebody in Parliament declares that black is white, that it will only cost a fraction of what the London School of Economics says, that only 15,000 per year will arrive, that nothing is a problem, that the Army is over funded, all white people are rapists and ‘its all Tory lies’; the chances are it will be done in a thick Scottish Accent.

    The ongoing damage to Scotland’s good name is colossal, the accent is fast becoming synonymous with political spivery of the worst sort, it is only the actions of Scottish Soldiers and a certain baggage handler in Glasgow that has kept the Traditional reputation alive.

    What is to be done?
  2. Get past your prejudice and realise that the vast majority of the cabinet have non-Scottish accents? Try to understand that this is probably the way that lots of Scots felt about the Tory Government before the establishment of the Scottish Parliament? Move to the Costa Del Sol?
  3. Armchair - see my rant on the Clarkson thread.

    Here, here. Mrs Taz, and her rabidly jock family all hate Lairbour and their mediocre shower of sh*ts. They still do think Braveheart is a factual documentary though. And Mother in Law cheered every other team against England in the last Rugby World Cup. Apart from South Africa. And France. She hates the French. She likes the Australians but was secretly happy when the English stuffed them. Now I come to think of it, there aren't many other nations she does like.

    Warlike race the Scots. Just look at Mrs Taz after a night on the sauce.
  4. A_J

    Whether it it MSP's or MEP's - Politicaians are barely human as it is and regardless of their birthplace, they are all barstewards!!

    Quote: "it is only the actions of Scottish Soldiers and a certain baggage handler in Glasgow that has kept the Traditional reputation alive"

    Exactly - Its the real men that define a country not the politicians!! ................. Whats to be done? Id suggest an airstike personally!! :twisted:
  5. This one?
  6. Yup - that's the baby.

    Still no more busy now than I was this morning. Spent half an hour reading the British Army Review on the karzi just to give me something to do.
  7. If I remember right, this is a Democratic country, with a first past the post system. Liarbour have won the last elections and there leader was elected from within that party, whether he be English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish.
    It is up to that leader of said party to pick his cabinet from his mates, whether it is Liarbour, Tory and LDs etc. even if they are English, Scottish, Welsh etc.
    It just so happens that at the moment there are a few Scots in the cabinet, whereas under the Tories there were very few if any.
    Did we Scots moan when that happened, you bet we did when we were shafted with programmes that destroyed industry and social wellbeing.
    Now the glove is on the other foot, there are members of the UK moaning about the over representation of Scots in the Govnt, fair enough, what goes around comes around.
    Live with it. And BTW I don't support any party.
  8. fair do's but how many of thoe votes were tactical? remember the nuclear option?
  9. And at the time of the Conservative Government a vote in Parliament was for the whole country, not just parts of it.
    Don't get me wrong, Westminster took all the profits from the North Sea oilfields for the whole country and the Conservatives did screw up plenty of things up north.
    The point jihad is (I think) trying to make is that, because the most public faces of the Liarbour movement speak in jock accents, this can make the unwashed think there is a conspiracy. And that Lairbour have done, possibly irrepairable, damage to the Union because of their popularist move towards devolution. Like Human Rights, Europe etc etc they are now back-peddaling furiously for their own lack of foresight.
    I repeat again - we are stronger together. Look at the Balkans, Iraq, Sudan etc etc to show you how quickly it can unravel in a very nasty way. Are we truly above that possibility with the moronic politicians we have now?
  10. Its still a cracking rant Taz. I'm a unionist BTW before I get shoed by the office Scotsman and I don't care which part of the Union the PM comes from so long as they are indeed British.. They are all crap and the damage done thus far might be unrepairable. I hope not though.

  11. 'Course they are! None of them can haud their drink and I have it on good authority that Des Browne fights like a wee girl.

    They're nae use tae me!
  12. Taz,

    Not even vaguely, the only reason to follow any of the tosspots is out of a morbid sense of curiousity. I left 2 years after the bag of pus gained office and having been in very close proximity to the smarmy tw@ts at Liz's Gaff and heard first hand some of the pompous bullsh1t they were spouting, it really is no wonder that I resigned when I did!

    If our brethren North of the Border genuinely think they are better off on their own .... Go on chaps, crack on. I say this simply because that is the (false??) impression portrayed by the media and not just the usual red banner hankies either. I hear no rejections of this concept from anywhere north of Carlisle. So whilst I cannot abide our current crop of politicos I am less sure that it is they who have ruined Scotland's reputation, than the feckless sponging twats living there who have been happy to accept charity from the rest of the Union.

    Rant Ends....
    Lift Stone...
    Crawl Under.