Is Navy "Mr Bean" the biggest mong in the world?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wannabe_civvy, May 1, 2007.

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  1. I saw on the news this morning that Arthur Batchelor, the young Navy lad who looks like Mr bean, can't go back out to Iraq because he's lost his passport!! What a f*cking mong!! I propose this post as an outlet for abuse directed at this absolute waste of food and oxygen.
    Get all your frustrations out here people, it's free therapy!!

  2. *sigh*

    I remember a time when ARRSE was original. :(
  3. This thread has already been done. You are the mong methinks.
  4. I remember a time when the NAAFI bar was all about scat, actual mongs and lesbians. Usually all at the same time, such as lesbian mong scat porn or similar.
  5. You could not invent the little tosser could you?
  6. Mong is an uncharitable description

    I prefer 'Special Olympian'
  7. Considering he signed up completed basic training and served.Hardly in the lead of mongs .Ok did mess up the entire selling his story but think his coc let him down badly there.Lost passport makes him an idiot but hardly king mong .
  8. You forgot the dwarf and the donkey. You're so mainstream... :roll: :p
  9. damn, I thought that was 'retro'???

    I'm just not down with you kids anymore :cry:
  10. I just plain don't remember.
  11. Hey - what the fuck are you doing using my avator?!?!?! And certainly when you are starting bone threads like this one!
  12. Japanese lesbian mong dwarf scat bestiality on your iPod FTW!!
  13. Dead lesbian mong bondage dwarf donkeys?
  14. you forgot amputee!
  15. ok

    Dead lesbian mong bondage dwarf amputee donkeys?

    edited for mong spelling