Is my work collegue a War Hero or talking bo****

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by ampleforce, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. A work collegue of mine left a document on his desk with his name on it and a narrative of an event in the Falklands which resulted in him being award the The Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    I though this to be pretty amazing and looked the event up on the internet.
    However I came across the EXACT narrative about a Para (different name to my work collegue) who was killed carrying out this heroic act and was awarded the medal as a result of his bravery.

    I and others have always been a bit suspicious of his 'army stories', he is always very vague about things, and has an annoying habit of leaving bits of 'memorabilia' on his desk for a few days at a time which would give anyone who gave them a casual glance the impression he was a special forces soldier.

    Is there anyway of getting concrete proof either way..
  2. He's taking the piss
  3. Look up the London Gazette for 8th October `1982 and see if his name is on the awards list.
  4. Ask to see his medal as you have never seen one, it will have his service number on it, rank at the time initials and surname.

    He may ask, "Why TF were you reading stuff on my desk"
  5. Just tell the prick you think he is a bullshitting cunt. If he's a real ex-Para he will stamp on your face. If he doesn't, he's a walter mitty.
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  6. What if he is a Kung Pow Ninja Walter Mitty, they do exist (mostly on this site).
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  7. The Wiki list is incomplete. Nice to see a couple of authors on it though...... :)

  8. his name is not on the list, but the name of the person I believe he is 'poaching ' from is... could it be feasible that a special forces persons name would not appear on such lists??

    He may ask, "Why TF were you reading stuff on my desk"

    Exactly!!! treading very carefully for now!!
  9. Does he live in Singapore?
  10. The list is littered with SF names!!

    Just how "speshul" is your mate?
  11. Lives in the UK, hes about 55.
  12. No, although sometimes their awards aren't officially announced for some considerable time.
  13. Simple! You get your head smashed in then tell everyone on here you kicked fuck out of a walter mitty!
  14. I know a bloke, joined a web site and created a story about some imaginary bloke claiming to be a war hero. He saw lots of walt threads and thought it would be a good way to fit. Should I challenge him or what :?

    I think I am getting the hang of this ^_~
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