Is my pay messed up?

I was made up to acting ******* in march 2001 (just before pay 2000 came in) and substansive ******* in may 2001. I have been on level 5 for 5 years and was told by someone that my increment levels should have gone up every year. yet on my 2001 pay slip it states my IDD is 06MAR06. can this be correct? If it is, can someone explain it to me.
Without knowing your details it's difficult to answer your question, feel free to PM me and I'll see what I can come up with. From what you have written it certainly seems there may be something wrong!!
depending on which level you went in on on transition to PY2K then it could be right, you were acting 'whatever rank' so you were receiving the pay for 'whatever rank'.
If you didn't have the seniority in that rank - it your DROP took you to level 5 then you would mark time until you had 5 years seniority, ie your IDD would be 5 years after PY2K.

It's a question you should have been asking about 5 years ago, or at the very least 1 year aftger PY2K came in - I know I woul dhave been when I didn't receive an incremental pay rise (but then I am Scottish and underpaid).

I rather think that your IDD is correct, you must be glad you got acting rank instead of just waiting until your Sub Date :evil:

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