Is my mate a freak?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by switch2511, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. only for freaky middle aged freaks who want to be boxers


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  1. switch2511

    switch2511 Swinger

    Is lonsdale sportswear any good ?? My friend thinks its the best. Is he a freak?'

    Am i mistaken and totally wrong

    or is he a wannabe chav ?

    He has just turned 40. No i wont be seen with him while he has any Lonsdale clothes on.

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  2. dan_man

    dan_man LE

    You speak like a commoner yet you accuse your 'mate' of being a chav.
  3. switch2511

    switch2511 Swinger

    Ok lol but do you agree or disagree ??
  4. taboo

    taboo LE

    He is a freak!!!Do you walk with him? :)
  5. crabby

    crabby LE

    iz u like at threshers 4 teh cheap white lightening cider, innit?
  6. What pair of Freaks!
  7. NINJA69

    NINJA69 Old-Salt

    Is your Mate Ricky Hatton? as I know that he wears the brand.
    If he says its good then i'm not going to argue with the man.
  8. If he is a good friend does it matter what he wears?
  9. NINJA69

    NINJA69 Old-Salt

    What if it was suspenders and sling backs?
  10. taboo

    taboo LE

    :) He may like that.
  11. hes only a freak if hes,,normally dressed....sweetie...
  12. Ive got a basque he could borrow, err not mine you understand, just looking after it for someone....
  13. taboo

    taboo LE

    Pup!!You want him naked??? :drool:
  14. Pup standards please...
  15. NINJA69

    NINJA69 Old-Salt

    I have a friend who might want a lend of your Basque but I think he might already have one, but he has not told me yet.