Is my fitness good enough ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SneakyTeen, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Im 15 years old and hoping to get into harrogate next year, i can only do 26 press-ups in a minute and 39 sit-ups in a minute but i can do the 1.5 run in 7:30. Are these good numbers and does anybody have any useful tips for me ?? thanks in advance!
    Oh and how much racism is there in the army im expecting some (and im used to some) but im hoping that there isnt loads of bullying and stuff.
  2. Racism isn't tolerated in the army. However I won't lie and say it doesn't go on, it happens everywhere in society - thankfully with the Army serious racism is in the extreme minority.

    Your fitness is fine for AFC Harrogate, just work on your upperbody as much as possible.
  3. In a phase 1 establishment I'd be amazed if anybody mentioned anything about race.
  4. Bullying (racism) is not tolerated and should be reported to the chain of command A.S.A.P :)

    7:30? Keep that up and you would be doing the run in a very good time!
    And as for the press ups... You have 2mins to do 40 so..
  5. Ahem, 44 is it not?
  6. Welcome to the site, ST.

    I cannot deny that there is racism and bullying in the Army; unfortunately, too many cases have reached the courts and the media. If you experience or see either, hold your head up and report it. Don't hide it.

    Your figures sound pretty good. But don't try too hard. You are 15 and still developing. Your skeleton has another 4-5 years of growth yet and you will not reach full strength until your early 20s. Patience!

    Read the threads - there is plenty of advice.

    Good luck,

  7. man 7.30??? don't waste that speed.... many an oppurtunity in the army for someone at that pace!!!
  8. 7.30 is excellent. Over 95% of the forces can't run that time. Racism isn't as bad as it used to be. There are racist people as there are in any walk of life, though these days most of 'em keep it to themselves for fear of being disciplined. Don't let it worry you in regards to joining up.
  9. This answered questions i needed answers for too!

    Hey sneakyteen, im hoping to go to harrogate next year too!

    maybe we should talk more and go through harrogate together

    just an offer :D

    and I also hate racism with a passion, although I am white, its one of my mega hates in life, its worthless and racists shouldnt deserve a place in the army!
  10. Just pm'ed you DPM hope, sounds like a plan to go through AFC together depending on what corps youre going for that is.
  11. Glad to read all of this.

    I am mixed race and will be joining soon. I have managed 30 press ups per minute, 35 sit ups and can do the 1.5 mile in 9 minutes. 7.30 is really fast man!!

    BTW, I am 17 and currently a cadet WO
  12. Air or Army Cadets

    Sorry to sound rude/arrogant

    but im pretty sure after 3 years of ATC service, getting Cadet SGT and having a dad as an Adult SGT in the ATC that you had to be 19 to be a Cadet Warrant Officer.

    If army cadets, sorry for the above as im generally aware of that rank being referred to as CSM