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Is my caretaker at work a chippy cunt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Right - watching the olympics at work, mainly the triathlon, where they're cycling around Buck house. We watched them cycling up Constitution hill and I mentioned the time in 1999, that at that spot, on the way back from The Trooping of the Colour, several members of Kings troop RHA, got off their horses. As they had nothing to do while their mates fired the gun slaute off, a few of them stood at the edge of Constitution hill and thought they'd had a fag, in uniform and in full site of the public.
    Not just myself, but everyone in my Regt who rode past thought that was one good reason the fucking wankers should never be allowed in the Guards division.

    The caretaker at work served 9 years in the Royal Signals and didn't see much wrong with this! Hence why I had to point out that he's a chippy cunt.

    Does anyone else think it's fine to smoke, in uniform, in full view of the public, after a major parade, or are you all chippy cunts as well?
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  2. Can you come on the piss with me? I reckon you'll be ace on a night out.
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  3. Most of us chippy cunts can see the contradiction in your post even through the clouds of fag smoke.
  4. If he's a caretaker then he may well have some joinery skills, yes.

    Can't say if he's a cunt or not though. Sorry.
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  5. Our lot would do it discreetly, though as we're a Jock unit it pays not to smoke one's crack pipe in plain site.
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  6. Since he isn't Blue Red Blue then of course he is

    Hope this helps
  7. Is it true that you lot have have to draw straws to see who wanks the horses off each month?
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  8. Only when ex_donkey_man was on leave.
  9. Of course and ExDonkey trotter won every time :)
  10. Beats playing soggy biscuit.
  11. Fuck me, you'd had a heart attack in Aldershot in the 80's. Lunchtimes, uniforms everywhere, some smoking AND in front of the public!!
  12. Thats a fucking big biscuit!
  13. That game was a forte of the thickymechs along with freckles and nurdles amongst others, but though i never experienced it, i would imagine you are kicking yourself after learning that you could have spiced up your naafi break protein snack with a digestive soooo many times over the years.....!
  14. Did you not fancy gripping them?

    Fanny :)
  15. Seems perfectly acceptable behaviour to me. Next you'll be whinging aboput the early morning studying of form that goes on in various offices from 0830 - 1000 daily. Now where's me B&H and Racing Post?