Is My Boss " confused " ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wheelchairwarrier, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Today , PM ,
    A telephone is ringing.
    Mrs WW “Hello”
    Caller “ Is WW there please its Lt Col ###### ###### here “
    Mrs WW calling to the head of the house hold ( that’s me folks ) “ Its that Lt Col for you”
    WW “ Er good afternoon sir, how are you ? “
    Lt Col “ W , I have just heard that you are not a serving member of the Army, is this true ? “
    Now I think to myself , is this a wah or could my boss of 8 months not really know that I am a civvi ?
    WW “ What would give you that idea sir ? “
    Lt Col ( conspiratorial tone of voice ) “ Old so-and –so said at dinner last night how he was impressed that MoD had kept on a chap such as yourself after such a disability, where on boring fart (rtd) said that you were really ex serving and was taken on as project leader as it was your baby in the first place “
    WW “ Good lord the things you hear over port eh ? well happy new year anyway . See you next week “.
    Disconnects the call.

    Now , I am ex, I am now a civilian . I suppose my manner of dressing and appearance could possibly lead to confusion , apart from the fact my ID is not a 90, I have resisted the temptation to salute ( that’s a funny by the way ) and I don’t stand up when officers enter the room (that’s another one ha ha ) I am addressed by everyone as Mr WW , but upon thinking about it Boss has always used my last name.

    So over to the talent pool of advice that is ARRSE, do I say no more ,or bring up the subject and make it quite clear I am civi div and therefore out rank him ! Or forget it as he is quite plainly intoxicated / stupid.
    Boss knows I post on here so at sometime he will read this , but I know he will take this in the manner that it is intended.

    Happy New year to you all, I hope you get what you have worked hard for , may your wishes for 2008 come true.

  2. tough one
  3. Say nothing ask for a CR rather than an appraisal then demand a pay pay rise on the strength of the lies he writes on the CV.

    Have a good new year and a well earned pay rise.
  4. I would say nothing Mr WW.
    It adds so much to life's charm, knowing that another is not "in the loop" when you are!

    (not that any Lt Col. is , err , "loopy")
  5. IMO you need to make your status clear to avoid any "isues" in the future ( Right , WW, off to Bastion lets go... )
  6. Start cracking the VP, bull your chariot up and refuse to discuss anything other than your comfortable shoes and the postal system
  7. Moan about JPA.
  8. And PAYD
  9. He sounds as mad as a Fish.

    Go in to work next dressed as a Mexican Admiral, complete with enormous Ostrich feather hat.

    That'll mess with his mind.....

    Happy New Year, y'all !!!
  10. Go on the next BFT with him, really cheese him off.
  11. Why do I keep thinking of the general from Blackadder goes forth, wibble.
  12. Bravo_Bravo ,your'e a bit close to the bone there , "( Right , WW, off to Bastion lets go... ) " Gairlochhead this summer ,had to get a sheet of ply to stop my wheels sinking.

    "Go in to work next dressed as a Mexican Admiral, complete with enormous Ostrich feather hat" that reminds me of the Italian character in 'Ello ' Ello. Hmm will I get past the guard ?

  13. WW, tell them that you can't wait to do your MATT 5, but if involves hills, can they get someone to shove your wheelchair up the hill.

    Happy New Year Mate!!

    Sluggy xx
  14. It's a PFT, and he is in a wheelchair, you daft twat..
  15. How about I have a six month tour in Iraq coming up sir.

    don,t forget pre training and post leave could have a nice wee year off,