Is Murphys a girls drink?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trick, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. My mate got the first round in the pub the other night, when I said I wanted a pint of Murphy's he laughed at called it a girls drink.
    He started it up again today, and neither of us can persuade the other we are right.
    So I leave it open to Arrse-law.
  2. I'm sober atm jarrod, so I won't fall for your wiley ways.
  3. Murphy's is made by Heineken. That means its not beer. Therefore it is not a man's drink. Period.

    Now, Duvel. That's 8.5% of pure joy from Belgium! It beats wifebeater. The first one 'll get you going. The second one'll get you like a 2-by-4 in the back of the neck!
  4. It's owned by Heineken, but the recipe is by Murphy's Brewery. Irish Red is the brainchild of heineken and is thus a poofs drink.

    That Duvel stuff sounds good.
  5. Chimay is another nice one

    As for stout I prefer Beamish if I can get it. Otherwise Guinness - always found Murphys a bit insipid.
  6. Well I wouldn't drink it and I am a girl - if that helps
  7. Period?

    Thats a blokes drink made by girls.....

    Or a w'anchor yank expression
  8. You sound bitter...
  9. You have got me started, the local lost Caffreys which I likes lots because the boss got a better price with a franchise of beers that include Heineken; Guiness and Murphy's Red. What a shite beer M Red is, according to a Paddy who saw me suffering with an exploratory pint, it is used for washin' cows.
    So it is all a conspiracy of Heineken, fukkin' Cloggie tw@ts. Poofs drink deffo!

    If you like belgian beer try Chouffe at 8%, the lager is spot on the black beer a little too sweet for my taste but spot on anyway, just don't try to stand up afterwards.

    Murphys is good, if it is alright for Robocop it is alright for me. Simply a case of taste.

    But Beamish is the mutt's nuts, a stout that tastes of bitter, what more can the discerning drinker ask for? Apart from free beer served by a naked, hot, busty wench that is.
  10. Mmmm caffreys, and guinness red, not bad....
  11. Murphy's drinkers are known to bark while taking it up the ritter.

    On the other hand only failed stallion rapists would sink as low as Guinness coldflow.
  12. pint for the fella glass of white wine/fruit based drink for the ladies - Al Murray.

    Its not the latter is it. If it was a pint then you're alright. Personally i prefer spirits although this does mean having to drink it in pints to stay within Al's law, which can lead to falling over a lot.
  13. Every drink is a girls drink to someone or the other.

    Because everybody is fucking gay
  14. Nuff said then.

  15. They sell it in Tesco's now.