Is Mr Speaker the fattest of the Pigs in the Trough

He is an awful, awful man who epitomises everything nasty about self-serving politicians. The only bad thing about him being booted out of the job is that he is guaranteed a place in the House of Lords. Still, with his lifestyle and Scottish heritage (heart disease) he should die fairly soon - hopefully before he is ennobled so his son cannot go around styling himself 'the Honourable'.


complete c*nt who epitomises the worst type of career politican (of any persuasion). Were he employed by another governnment - say Burma or Guatemala - then his behaviour could perhaps be understood, but in ours, the Mother of Parliaments?

Come on guys, someone must have enough dirt on him to ensure he finishes his days in the cesspit he deserves, not a bench in the House of Lords.
Maybe ALL those people who voted for Labour (now claiming amnesia, to get rid of those horrible Tories) will look what their naivety brought to the UK.
The depth of the nasal emeshment in the trough of pigs is exemplified by the fact that the outgoing MP for Glasgow East held absolutely no information on his local voters, such was his absolute certainty that glaswegian catholics would always vote Labour.

Oh how we laughed when they voted for Alex the slayer. :D Up the SNP/Tory Alliance.

MPs are so self-serving they will not act against this dreadful man.
A typical corrupt new-Labour slug.

He should be removed from his post and sacked as an MP with immediate effect.

Chances of this happening?,no chance and absolutely no chance.

Come the next election...........
MP how do i sign up I can lie I can steal and i can smile when all goes wrong and blame some one else thats all that is needed on a CV i belive. The fat t**t should be sacked.
Champagne socialism at its very worst. He's an arrogant cnut and he's most definitely off the Christmas card list.
"Glasgow" Mick and his Imelda Marcos style wife are the personification of everything that is wrong with the current crop of politicians we have infesting our once great democracy whose ineptness is matched only by their corruptness.

My fondest wish is that one day they will answer to the people of Britain in the same manner that Mussolini answered to the Italians.
Fifth_Columnist said:
Still, with his lifestyle and Scottish heritage (heart disease) he should die fairly soon - hopefully before he is ennobled so his son cannot go around styling himself 'the Honourable'.
Don't tar us all with the same brush mate
Oh really? Anyone know how old Gorbals Mock is?

The SNP says that life expectancy in Glasgow East is lower than in the Gaza Strip. FactCheck digs into the numbers.

The claim
"Life expectancy in Glasgow East is lower than the Gaza Strip"
Angus Robertson MP, Good Morning Scotland, Wednesday 2 July 2008
The background
It's a shocking comparison: the idea that life expectancy rates in a part of Britain are lower than in the war-torn Gaza Strip.

In the build-up to 24 July's Glasgow East by-election, the SNP's Westminster leader attacked Labour for presiding "over a situation where the life expectancy in Glasgow East is lower than the Gaza Strip, where 40 per cent of children live in households in poverty and 30 per cent earn less than £350 per week."

It's his first comment that attracted the most attention: "Glasgow as bad as the Gaza Strip, says SNP leader," read a Telegraph headline last week, and Labour hit back, accusing the SNP of "insulting" the people of Glasgow and "misunderstanding" the situation in the war-torn territory.

But do the figures back the nationalists up?

The analysis
First let's look at Glasgow as a whole. The Glasgow City Council area, made up of seven constituencies including Glasgow East, has the lowest life expectancy in the UK.

The most recently available data, for 2004-06, puts life expectancy at birth at 73.7 years overall. For females, it's 77 years. For males it's just 70.5 years.

This measure of life expectancy can't accurately predict the life expectancy of a baby born today; instead, it looks at how long someone would be expected to live based on current life expectancy trends.

Figures are also available for the East Glasgow Community Health and Care Partnership. Despite the name, this doesn't correspond exactly with the Glasgow East constituency - it's slightly larger, including some of a neighbouring council area as well as the contested seat.

Here, the 2004-06 life expectancy is lower still: 69.3 years for males and 76.2 years for females.

It's always worth being cautious when comparing data from different sources - Gaza falls firmly outside the remit of the UK's Office of National Statistics, for example.
For the UK as a whole, life expectancy at birth was 76.9 years for men and 81.3 years for women in 2004-06. In Scotland, it was 74.6 years for men and 79.6 years for women.

What about in the Gaza strip? According to the CIA World Factbook, life expectancy at birth for 2008 is estimated to be 72.34 years. This breaks down to 71.01 years for men and 73.73 years for women.

It's a similar story for Palestine as a whole: based on 2004 data, the World Health Organisation's country profile (if not its official statistics, which don't cover Palestine) puts life expectancy at birth in Palestine at 72.6 years; 71.1 years for males and 74.1 years for females.

UN figures for 2005-2010 put life expectancy at birth in the Palestine at 72 years for men and 75 years for women.

It's always worth being cautious when comparing data from different sources - Gaza falls firmly outside the remit of the UK's Office of National Statistics, for example.

The UK as a whole rides pretty high in the WHO's life expectancy table, in joint 28 of 193, beaten by Japan, Switzerland, Israel and Sweden as well as Ireland, Singapore, Korea, but longer-lived than citizens of the USA, Cuba, and the United Arab Emirates.

But sort the 2006 data by male life expectancy, and Glasgow City's 70.5 years comes below a good 65 countries, Colombia, China, Mexico, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cuba among them.

The verdict
Glasgow as a city has a low life expectancy compared to the UK as a whole, the figure for Glasgow East reflects the situation in the most deprived part of the city.

Life expectancy there - particularly among men - is lower than not only Palestine, but a host of other countries.

To really draw a more rigorous international comparison, you'd need to compare life expectancy in Glasgow East to life expectancy in the poorest part of another country. But for those on the ground, it's still a bleak prognosis.
An utterly odious man, and now that Prescott has finally had his snout prised from the trough, definitely the worst champagne socialist in the house. What is it they say about power and corruption? I was also rather bemused to read the "citation" for his cleaner's MBE - or at least the bits of it that were released to the press. 'Within the Speaker's apartments she has regular contact with many high office-holders, including the Prime Minister, and officials; she is utterly discreet.' So, she's discreet - does that mean that she's kept her mouth shut about things that people visiting the Speaker's apartments were doing that they shouldn't? Or does it mean she's exercised the same responsibility that many, many people in public service with access to the nation's secrets display over many years for no reward whatsoever? Putting him in charge of the inquiry into MPs' expenses is like allowing Crippen to provide the official autopsy report for his wife's death.
Despicable snout-troughs. A Ceaucescu or Mussolini ending would be most apt. At least we can watch this wonderful slow motion train wreck over the next 12-18 months....better than porn!

The statistical point is true. However the facts are stark enough.

For the Shettleston area....

% of population income deprived:
41.2 (datazone) 34.9 (constituency) 24.7 (local authority) 13.9 (Scotland)

low weight singleton birth rate per 1000 live births:
80.00 37.39 36.86 25.11

% of women breastfeeding at 6 - 8 week point
14.29 33.92 35.36 36.31

% of women smoking at booking
40.7 25.3 26.6 23.2

The most deprived area in Scotland (in Renfrewshire, Liabour country again - could be Wee Dougie Alexander's constituency) has nearly 80% of births to mothers under 19 and two-thirds of pregnant women smoking at booking.
Labour has no interest in improving the lot of the working chap - keep em poor and stupid and they'll vote Labour.
I frequently throw up my arms in dispare of Modern Standers in British Political Society.
There is so much wrong with UK down at ground level however until the Top of the tree is sorted how can we hope for improvement lower down the scale.
Pigs with their snout in the trough is all I can say.
He may earn his money as an MP, but whether he is worth £137K per year is another thing, seeing as how for him to earn that, tax on £600K has to be raised!

Its not his salary we are too concerned at, its the excesses in the expense game which are the worry, his wife and daughter taking a massive slice of the constituency expenses, with little or nothing to show for it. His wife's taxi fares of £4000 for "food shopping" etc.

The real correlation between expenses and earnings for these "Public Servants" is that when they take their tax free expenses they have to be earned by people in the real economy, who's taxes go to pay for the lavish expenses of MP's. So for every £1 taken in expenses its probably £2.50 of tax from someone who works hard for their money, and cant afford a 2nd home, flat screen TV etc.


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Has anyone asked the question why it was The Speaker who spent hundreds of thousands trying to block FOI requests in the High Court? It wasn't just to take care of business for his friends in ZANU NL, it was to ensure that HIS little pecadillos didn't see the light of day.

He is one of the shining examples up the utter corruptness of the democracy in this country, and why the whole thing should be overhauled.

He is a filthy, utterly contemptable, low-down, thieving scrote whom even HM can't stand. He's done nothing for his own consituency, he's done nothing for the poor, and yet he's been poor himself, but now lives in the lap of luxury, subverting his job and parliament to suit his and his wife's own disgusting greed. His nepotism, corruption and greed knows no bounds, and in another era, he would have been hung from the gallows.

Fcuk him, the dirty, greedy pig.

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