Is mr.Cameron the Holocaust denier and anti-Semite?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 23, 2008.

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  2. In answer to the title of this thread, no. Mr Cameron is simply pointing out the fact that we should not be sending kids on trips overseas, however worthy, when most of them cannot read, write or add up. I learned about the holocaust perfectly well at school, in Kingston.
  3. No, it is a gimmick. Kids need to learn to read, write and 'rithmatic again before money can be justified sending them away. Cameron is criticising Brown's gesture politics, which is in this case, I think, to do with the damage caused by the rumour that Britain would no longer teach the Holocaust because it would upset muslims. Brown is trying for another soundbite 'initiative,' and he is still a cnut.
  4. It's just Nu Labour playing the race card again.
  5. Sending two children from each school to visit concentration camps so that they can report back to their classmates. Anyone else think that this is a waste of time? Would you have listened to the smug twats who were chosen by their teachers for this?

    Why not get survivors of the camps and relatives of those who died, to visit schools to give eye-witness accounts. More moving. More relevance. Less political impact.
  6. Pointing out the truth, that this is nothing more than a gimmick doesn't mean he is a holocaust denier.
    Labour need something to take the attention away from them at the moment and this is what exactly they needed and as far as it coming from the Guardian their hardly going to report this matter fairly.

    It makes me think maybe they are going to stop teaching about the holocaust in school and have it replaced by a quick 15 minute presentation by the two children selected and claim that they still teach about the holocaust.
  7. Wouldn't they enjoy it more at Alton Towers?
  8. Pointing out the truth to Neu-Liarbore is a complete waste of time as not one of them would recoginise the truth if it came up and smacked them in the gob.
  9. They do that as well. The same organisation sends survivors to Auschwitz with the groups. Incudentally schools do independent trips to Poland and incorporate Auschwitz into the visit, as they see it as a valuable experience.

    Here is the work they do, and would continue to do whether or not it received £4.65 million

    I don't think Cameron was acting with racist intentions, He was just scoring political points - bad ones.
  10. The point is that the Holocaust Education Trust has been sending groups of pupils to visit sites like Auschwitz for years - I know because I've been on these visits. It's totally disingenuous, and downright dishonest, of the present Govt to give the impression that it's some sort of "initiative" on their part - typical New Liarbore.

    Nothing remotely antisemitic in Cameron pointing this out, and the offer of some funding by the Govt is neither here nor there: funding has been requested, and denied, for years, and a cynic might observe that it's only on the table now because they're desperately casting around for anything to cast themselves in a favourable light. Tossers!
  11. Please, tell me just how the government did this.
  12. Overkill has a good point, dont take these snivelling little oiks abroad, give some holocaust survivors a slap up meal and let them talk to the kids. In little groups a round robin around the tables... not lecture them but talk to them...

    I have been to Oswiecim as it is properly called in Poland and it almost had me in tears.... why... becuase I have an imagination... I can imagine what It was like... the yoof of the British Soviet under our great and glorious leader Gordon Vissarionovich Jugashvili-Brown, dont have the imagination, when I was there a bunch of schoolkids came into Birkenau just after us... they acted like ... well like they were on a schooltrip to the zoo... but more bored and no animals.

    Cameron is a twot but he is not anti-semitic.... political suicide if he had an ounce of anti-semitism in him... our great and glorious leader is using these trips as a political gimmick.

    And if he is going to use this as a political gimmick why doesnt he organise trips to the sites of the Gulags of Siberia as well? a balanced gimmick so to speak.
  13. Maby he pretended to be an anti-sematist to get the muslim vote(they cant get enough of jew bashing can they).. seeing as they make up an alarmingly large portion of this countries voters.
  14. He is such a little prat though.
  15. So it would be logical to expect that Boris calls Lord Levi as a concentration camp guard.