Is Moodybitch a Secret Lezzer?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dale the snail, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Come on - she is always after me, or fisting, or bum sex. Or is she really just not happy with the bloke she has? He did actually find her having sex with her mam, ran like the wind, and only returned when she agreed to a threesome. Disgusting.

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  2. But Dale, you're so luvely! :twisted:
  3. Dale, I may be fat, old, ugly and desperate....but fcuk me, you've got designs on yerself luv.

    I wouldn't do you with a fcuking 12ft pole....half the bleedin army have been through you girl, we can tell that by the stench thats seeps out of you, squelchy.

    Why don't you find someone else to rub your rancid minge against, cos I'll never be that desperate.
  4. If she is i can't fault her. After all i'd rather get down and dirty with a chick over a bloke anytime :)
  5. Not a secret - you are all lezzers deep down. You long to get a grip of your girly mates and put on a display for the current man of your choice.

    Truth is even lezzers are that way inclined so they can please blokes by putting on a show for us. Am available for hire as cameramen if you need assistance by the way just need camera and some training.
  6. ALL chicks are secretly bi, and just itching for a bit of clam-jousting. I know cus a bloke down the pub told me!
  7. Dale loves it when you talk dirty to her
  8. I'm not taking sides.......

    I'll have a pop at you both :D..... Moody has a face like a kicked in watermelon and Dale is that full of glue that when she sneezes she fires more fat than snot.

    The thought of the pair of you Lezzing it up makes me want to eat my own sick and paddle in my own entrails. Thank God for buxom twin false breasted American lesbians otherwise we'd have to watch you two deisel dykes flicking each others battered beans.
  9. Don't all the girlie like that!!! :twisted:
  10. Dale is a girl only because when she was born they had to put some thing on the birth certificate so flipped a coin.
  11. Lucky for you, it was tails......
  12. Cue Roxy
  13. you have a lovely tail
  14. But you poked it anyway? :D :D
  15. But Murie, mine are real!!! :D
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