Is MDN in Virginia?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Doubt it. This guy was just in his kitchen by himself.

    MDN would be hiding in the bushes outside wearing nothing but a speedo and a goalie mask.

    Gaaack! Now I have to get that mental image out of my head!
  2. It always amazes me how the 'land of the free' is so prudish, a septic friend of mine pointed out that The Sun's page three would never be accepted in the US.

    Fcuk knows what they would think of the Sport :D
  3. I wonder how long the woman stood watching him before complaining?
  4. Windows are meant for looking out of - Not in through! Woman should be told to go fcuk herself.
  5. That's what happens when your neighbours are called Flanders...
  6. Absolutely no way MDN was involved in the Virginia incident, it describes the man as a "loving Dad" but not I think in the way MDN likes to love!
  7. If he had been walking by and saw her in her kitchen then he'd be done as a peeping tom! Who says women are the underdogs?
  8. She just happened to see him through a window, walking with her son at 0530. ???
  9. I expect that would have depended on how well he was hung. :oops: :p He must have been a disappointment. :x :lol:
    The woman should have been prosecuted under Peeping Tom rules. :wink:
  10. And the nosey cnut was trespassing,kid was probably by artificial insemination,she'd never even seen a small one before,& decided she might get a chance at "Ugly Betty 2" if she kicked up a fuss!
  11. Exactly WTF was she doing walking up the street with her son at 0530? Just getting him home from the local 'roller disco' or crack house more likely.
  12. Agree...they can 'waste' any scrote that breaks into their house with Charlie Cong Ak47's (full auto), any variety of handguns...'make my day' thingys, Springfields, Mausers, Winchesters, M60's etc...legally..but can't wander down
    with a bit of 'wood on' in their own home to 'brew up' before 'knocking one out' and 'spaffing' into their 'special sock' which is in their 'maggot' shite I'll end here.... :roll: