Is McChrystal the new Shinseki?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sun_Too, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Over the past couple of days, a number of posters on this forum were concerned about the FltLt and SSgt's making comments on the situation in Astan in the public domain.

    Now the same question is raised 'over there' as a line is drawn from McC through Shinseki (who said you would need in excess of 400 000 troops to control Iraq post phase 3, IIRC) and on to MacArthur who eventually was sacked for insubordination over how to prosecute the campaign in Korea.

    See linky

    So, do people think McC has narrowed the US pres' options by making his remarks public?
  2. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Of course he has, McCrystal was chosen to replace the incumbent not because he has any more idea because his much vaunted assessment is largely the same. he was selected because he is much more politically savvy and definately more media friendly, they wanted him to 'sell' Afghanistan.

    Off he goes and does what he was asked to do but obviously has gone off the reservation and no doubt the meeting on Airforce One between the president and the general was all one way traffic, wonder if he got a coffee.

    Politics and Military strategy should never be mixed
  3. No.
  4. Had the distinct honour to meet GEN McChrystal a few years back. Very impressive officer, highly intelligent, articulate, and a great communicator.
    He is highly regarded by Yanks and our lot, as well.

    Once he becomes a threat to the Obama Administration, they will cast him off. That will be a shame, he has few peers.
  5. Is Shinseki the new Al Haig?
  6. But they can never be seperated.

    Cuddles - nice comment - I hadn't thought about it like that but now that you mention it ....... cui bono?
  7. An update, part of a longer article in the Telegraph today revolving around UK dithering on troop levels, also quotes Gates on where to have these discussions:

    "After General Stanley McChrystal, the head of Nato's military mission to Afghanistan, warned last week that the operation was in serious difficulty, he was quickly subjected to a public rebuke by Robert Gates, the American Defence Secretary, who said Gen McChrystal would be well advised to keep his recommendations private.

    Gen McChrystal is no doubt feeling as sore as Sir Richard. After all, it was only five months ago that the counter-insurgency specialist was hand-picked by Barack Obama to rescue the Nato mission. Now, after he has been hung out to dry by Washington's ungrateful political elite, it seems that Gen McChrystal is the one who needs rescuing."

    See also a thread started by Skynet Brown's "dithering"
  8. Sorry, I couldn't help reopening this, as I came across this picture: It appears Meridian was right, I see no coffee involved in this interview 8)

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  9. Or the old Earl Haig?
  10. In recent days I was provided additional information that may "cloud the picture."

    A new book has been released in the USA that details the accidental killing of
    US Ranger, and former NFL star, Pat Tillman. He was killed in a friendly fire shooting in 2004. The author of the book provides a host of allegations claiming the cover-up began at the unit and went all the way to the White House. Of course, if this is the case, real scrutiny will be focused on the unit level.

    The complication? The General Officer in charge at the time was Maj Gen Stan McChrystal. Obama's hand-picked general. Does this foretell posible changes in Afghanistan's military leadership? If Obama is now unhappy with GEN McChrystal, as the headlines assert, this could be the mechanism to fire the Gen.

    Interesting to see how this will play out.
  11. Is Sun Too a journo?