Is Martin McGuinness addicted to secret talks?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Sep 5, 2007.

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    It's a thought... :D
  2. Entertaining article by Mark Steele (even though I find him a bit of an irritating leftie)

    True but the flip-side of that was that the Republic of Ireland was a "Catholic land for Catholic people" with the Catholic Church having far more say in politics than was healthy. And they got away with it until people copped-on to the scale of kiddie-fiddling by priests that was going on and to which the law was turning a blind eye.

    Personally I think the Catholic/Protestant division has impoverished both parts of Ireland. A mate of mine who happens to be a Prod and whose father served in the British army in the Far East in WWII was called a "Fenian Barsteward" in Belfast because he was driving a Dublin reg car 8O
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing McGuinness try this in Colombia.
  4. Maybe he likes secret talks because he know if he holds them in public someone will shoot the cnut.
  5. McGuinness the murdering terrorist barsteward, he should never be in the position of being able to talk to anyone, should be 6 foot under
  6. He's just a murdering turd. Hope he gets cancer of the arsesehole!

    Can't believe they let him, (and the rest of that shite), get into the position he's in now. It's a fcuking disgrace and pis55ing on all that were killed or maimed.
  7. It's a pity he's not addicted to Riverdancing in minefields
  8. I can visualise that.... Nice one PP :wink:
  9. I confees to Steele's article making me laugh out loud untill I got to the bit where the Troubles are all Britain's fault.

    I am from a mixed marriage, and can safely say that the man doesn't know what he is on about, but it made good copy.

    I laughed again at the end, with the notion of selling surplus bowler hats to the Iraqis....he may have something there....they might think that it makes them look important and full of gravitas.

    Thanks for posting it.